About Us

I am Mehedi, the owner and creator of the blog RoofingHAWK. In a true sense, this blog is a text narration of the practical experience that I got to achieve in the last few years.

Now, let me meet your curiosity. By profession, I am a civil engineer. Not only that, I have-to-hand experience in roofing. In fact, I have been in the roofing industry for the last 10 years which leads me to gather huge experience in different aspects of roofing. 

Whether you are a roofer or homeowner, proper information about the roofing system and technology will surely keep you ahead. That was our aim indeed. So I planned for this blog that will contain huge resources on the roofing industry.

We started this blog in 2020. You know information is power. So we have tried to cover up every information regarding the roofing system that you must know, no matter whether you are a roofer or a homeowner. 

You will find every tip and trick that will surely help you decide which roofing method will be best suited for you. Even, we have discussed different types of roofing methods, how to fix different issues in your roof, and lots more.

You know it is our continuous process. We will put every information that you may need. And don’t forget to let us know you have any specific queries.   

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