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Roofing is always a risky task to do. So, it’s an important thing to know which footwear is good for roofing. In this case, you may wonder, are rock climbing shoes good for roofing? Is it a good point to think about? 

Guess what, the features of good shoes for roofing match the features of rock climbing shoes. So, of course, rock climbing shoes are good for roofing.

For knowing all the details, look through the article.

Are Rock Climbing Shoes Good For Roofing

Rock climbing shoes don’t prevent your feet from drying, yet they can grip a roof better than any other shoe. They’re a shoe for a restaurant kitchen and a shoe for an auto shop. 

Also, they have a great tread pattern and are oil, grease, and slip-resistant. They fix their gaze on whatever you’re standing on.

Is Rock Climbing Shoes Good For Roofing
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Rock Climbing Shoes for roofing
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Features Of Good Shoes For Roofing

There are some features, by which a pair of good roofing shoes can be identified. Here we’re explaining the features in this article.

Sole Materials

Slipping is responsible for nearly 40% of construction deaths. Falls account for almost 75% of deaths in the roofing business. To stay safe on the roof, you’ll need the proper amount of friction. 

First of all, check the outsole of the shoes. The bottom should be thick and made of high-quality leather or synthetic material.


The tread on the shoes should be firm in design. Cutouts and deep hooks should be avoided in this case. 

The friction between the roof and the sole of your shoe should be as high as possible. You’re more likely to lose your balance if the shoe is overly smooth or has noticeable lugs.


Because the shoes will last longer, they will be an excellent investment. The less expensive choices aren’t going to last. A long-lasting material, such as leather, is ideal. It will effortlessly safeguard you from the weather, asphalt, and tar.


During bad weather, you’re in danger of lightning strikes in addition to live wires and transformers. You’ll be protected thanks to the shock-resistant construction of thick rubber soles. As a result, you’ll remain grounded and safe from the supply of power.


You should consider comfort while purchasing your roofing shoes. You are vulnerable to discomfort if you do not wear comfy shoes.

Are Rock Climbing Shoes Good For Roofing

Features Of Rock Climbing Shoes

You can have all the features of good roofing shoes in rock climbing shoes.

Rock climbing shoes have wonderful grip and, also the designs of the shoes are attractive. 

Also, the shoes are long-lasting and shockproof. And, there is no doubt that you’ll get 100% comfort wearing the shoes.


I hope all your doubts on ‘are rock climbing shoes good for roofing’ are clear now. And so, you can select your shoes by checking the features.

Go, get your best roofing shoes. All the best.


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