The roof is always an important part when you are building a new home for you and your family. You should change your roof every 10 to15 years. 

Hence, you may wonder, are roofing prices going up?

The answer is yes, the price is going up. The roof price depends on some key factors like roofing material, color, manufacturer demand, etc. And so you have to be smart before choosing a roof when building your house.

For this, you should always choose a good roofer. That can be very helpful to save your time and money.

Let’s know the reasons in detail that are responsible for the increasing price of roofing. 

Reasons for price going up of roofing

Are Roofing Prices Going Up? Answer Here


This is the main reason for the roofing price going upward. The market always has a low price range when the raw material is sufficient enough and in supply. But when products are in high demand, the price can be increased like a rocket goes up.

The price can be increased if you select some material like asphalt. We all know asphalt is more sustainable than other options. You can also choose other shingles. That can be helpful for you to reduce the total price of your roof.

Installation time

On average, it takes 6 to 8 weeks for any roofing supplier to supply the equipment which will be needed for your roof. It may take a little short time for any big supplier to supply all the equipment needed.

The price can be increased if you want your roof fast to be done. The roofer may charge you higher than the usual price.

The time for installation also changes the price range. In winter and summer, it can be too hot and cold. In fall the roofers are so busy. So in these three seasons, roof prices remain high. The best time to have a good price and change your roof is in the spring.


Color is also one of the key factors that make roof prices high.

The roofing manufacturers put their big portion of their time on common colors like weathered woods and black shingles.

It will be hard to get colors for lower volume or some special color order.

Choose a specific brand of shingles If color is an important part for you. If it is not, then choose any of the available colors that your roofer can provide fast. So, ask your roofer which color is available for him to supply.

Can roof price decrease?

If you analyze the price of the roof for a couple of years you can see that the price is increasing every year.

In the roofing market, there is a shortage of raw materials running right now. So, we can say that the roof price eventually will not decrease.

If you do not need a roof badly you can choose to wait for a while. Maybe roof prices will decrease when the raw material shortage problem will be solved.

On the other hand, you can be smart to fix your old roof by calling any roof provider if you have any problem with it.

What to do now?

Contact as fast as you can to your roof supplier if you need to replace your roof immediately.

Make an appointment with him and get his suggestions. Then ask him when he can start working so that you can have your new roof.

Many full-service roof suppliers may even help you for submitting an insurance claim for your roof replacement.

Prices are increasing every year and the roofing industry is moving from the price range before. You may start to change your roof after knowing everything. Which raw material, color is using.

After all, you are spending your time and money so that you can protect your home and family.


That is all for today. We hope after reading this article on ‘are roofing prices going up,  you’ve got a sound knowledge about roofing prices. This might help you to be wise enough at the time of your roof replacement.


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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