Imagine today you want a new roof for your beautiful home. In that situation, you might get stuck making a decision about which one   you should choose- Shingle or Metal?

Yes, this is the most doubting decision for any homeowner when he wants to change his roof.

You know shingles are better than metal. But when it comes to looking at your budget and time, you may consider metal instead of shingles.

But when you have decided to choose shingles, then you must know a fact, are roofing shingles in short supply?

Let’s know more through this article. 

Why Are Roofing Shingles In Short Supply? 

Many roof suppliers make this supply situation worse. They try to take the order in advance. Even when they are out of shingles. Then when they get the order, they go to the manufacturers.

They also try to bring them from another region which costs more time and money for transportation. Another main reason is that the manufacturing duration of making asphalt shingles takes time.

Why Do Shingles Take Much More Time And Money?

You know that roofers take more time and money to supply shingles as the equipment for your roof. Because of making shingles, the manufacturers face much more problems. 

The raw materials are expensive and the workers who make the shingles can’t make shingles very fast. The reason behind it is that shingles are made of asphalt which is a compound component. Also very hard to make than other materials.

Why Are Roofing Shingles In Short Supply

A Magic Way To Have Roofing Shingles Even When It Is Short In Supply

You may feel right now that you should consider choosing metal insists on shingles to make your roof. But if you follow some simple things you may find the solution to this problem.

Contact a good roof supplier. You may take advice from some of your friends on this matter. They might give you some reviews about their roofer and suggestions for choosing the best one.

Ask the roofer whether he has the supply right now or not. If he does not have the supply, for now, ask him how long it will take for him to bring the right shingles which you wanted.

Do not concentrate on color. If it does not bother you, then put this matter on the shoulder of your roofer. Tell him to choose one of his inventory.

Make everything clear about time and money with your roofer before starting working. Give him a deadline. It is always better to give a deadline to your contractor for any work.

Most important!! Do not consider time and money if you are getting a durable shingle. Make a balance between your demand and supplier’s supply.


I hope you have come to know after reading the article what is the situation of roofing shingles supply. Are roofing shingles in short supply? Yes, sometimes it happens

But in this article, we have brought up details that how you can overcome this problem. This might be very helpful when you want a new roof for your home.

Till then stay safe.


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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