Shingles are attractive because they combine aesthetics, durability, and affordability, and they’re often the simplest to install. Hence, you may want to know are shingles good for roofing? 

Well, roof shingles are excellent for roofing. They have some wonderful qualities, for which they’re more preferable for roofing. 

You can gather knowledge about this through this article.

Are Shingles Good For Roofing?

Shingles are tiny pieces of construction material that are placed over the subfloor, decking, and rafters of a roof. They add beauty and protect the roof from the weather. They come in a range of materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Roofing shingles are typically flat and rectangular, but square and horizontal patterns are also prevalent.

Are Shingles Good For Roofing
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Why Shingles Are Good For Roofing

Shingles have some good features. That’s why shingles are good for roofing. The reasons are explained in the rest of the article.

Types Of Shingles

There are different types of shingles you can find in the market. The difference among the shingles depends on the materials of the shingles.

Asphalt Shingles

Fiberglass is placed among asphalt and ceramic grains in asphalt shingles. The fiberglass offers strength, whereas the asphalt, which is frequently combined with minerals, serves as a waterproofing agent.

Slate Shingles

Even up close, this composite material resembles the genuine thing, yet it costs a fraction of the price. It’s also roughly the same weight as asphalt.

Metal Roof Shingles

Metal is a less prevalent, but still widespread, roof material. Metal shingles are fashionable and come in a variety of colors.

Wood Shingles

Various types of wood are stacked into thin pieces to produce wood roof shingles. Wood shakes, on the other hand, are the most sought-after roofing material. 200 or 300 old cedar trees are used for making wood shingles.

Architectural Shingles

They’re a little thicker, and they’re designed to seem like more costly wood shakes. The most costly and thickest of the bunch, multilayered architectural shingles provide an appearance comparable to wood shakes.

Solar Shingles

Solar shingles have become popular due to their environmental benefits.

Other than these, there are rubber shingles, tile shingles, composite plastic shingles, etc. In looks and durability, tile shingles are the best.

Is Shingles Good For Roofing
Source: Augustine Roofing

Easy And Simple Installation Process

If instructions are followed correctly and the necessary materials are utilized, installing or replacing a roof using shingles must not be too difficult. Though shingles may be installed faster than other components, regardless of the project size.


I hope you’re happy to know your answer to are shingles good for roofing. Yes, you can select different types of shingles as you desire.

Don’t forget to take proper safety measures while working with shingles. Stay happy, stay safe.


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