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Roofing is a strenuous job that requires a lot of physical exertion. And  a good shoe can protect a worker from the roof’s heat, nails along with not causing any damage, leakage, or breakage of shingles.

In the case of roofing, you need a shoe that not only has anti-slip properties, but is also cozy and convenient. The shoe must be strong, and reliable.

There are a couple of preferences of shoes among the roofers and workers. Volley is one of the choices.

This article will help you to decide, are volleys good for roofing or not. So, let’s start the discussion. 

What quality good roofing shoes have?

Solid-built shoes with delicate but durable bases are perfect for roofing. Safety is a very significant priority in any kind of roofing job. So overall, any roofing shoe must have a good grip for the worker. 

The outer soles and upper portion of the shoes or boots can be damaged by the roof shingles. Rugged uppers that are comfy as well as provide secure ankle protection are also important requirements.

Sometimes people use different kinds of shoes such as running shoes, golf shoes, skaters, or others for roofing. But it is not always a good option to choose such shoes as their pressure point, pattern, studs can cause serious damage to your roof.

some recommended volleyball shoes for roofing


Are Volleys Good For Roofing?
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These are some of the popular best roofing shoes among the workers.

Dunlop Volley is one of the most popular sports shoes since 1939 and Dunlop, KT26 is the second-best-selling brand.

The DV’s hidden truth is its soft soles, which provide outstanding traction on any surface, including greasy rocks. 

Roof walkers prefer DVs because the sole studs, patterns, and texture provide excellent traction on the roof. Some also suggest keeping two sets of DVs, one for routine installations and the other for steep roofs that never touch dirt or grass.

But DVs are not a good choice for tile roofs as they are ripped apart by tile roofs. On roofs, it is said that the KT26 performs admirably.


Expectantly, after going through this article you have a brief idea about roofing shoes and can say, are volleys good for roofing?

Although volleys are initially made for athletes and sportspersons, volleys have some models for roofers. These models have several features that are very convenient for roofing.

So, it can be said in some cases roofing jobs, volleys are good for roofing.


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