When it comes to roofing solutions in Queens, New York, one name stands out for its reliability and commitment to quality – Big John Roofing. With a total of 93 reviews and an overall rating of 3.9 stars, Big John Roofing has earned its place as a trusted roofing company, dedicated to serving residential and commercial clients with top-notch services.

Big John Roofing

Experience and Expertise

Big John Roofing brings years of experience and expertise to every project they undertake. Their team of skilled professionals is well-versed in various roofing techniques and materials, ensuring that each job is completed with precision and efficiency. Whether it’s a simple repair or a complex roof installation, they have the knowledge and resources to handle it all.

Striving for Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the core of Big John Roofing’s values. They believe in building strong relationships with their clients based on trust and integrity. Listening to their customers’ needs and concerns, they tailor their services to meet specific requirements, delivering results that align with their clients’ expectations.

Comprehensive Roofing Services

Big John Roofing offers a comprehensive range of roofing services to address various roofing needs, including:

  1. Roof Repairs: Quick and effective repairs to fix leaks, damaged shingles, or any other roofing issues, preventing further damage.
  2. Roof Installation: Expert installation of different roofing types, ensuring durability and longevity.
  3. Roof Replacement: When it’s time for a new roof, Big John Roofing provides reliable and efficient replacement services.

Quality Workmanship and Materials

At Big John Roofing, quality is never compromised. They take pride in using high-quality roofing materials from reputable suppliers, ensuring that every project is built to withstand the elements and stand the test of time. Combined with their skilled workmanship, this commitment guarantees a roof that provides lasting protection and value.

Contact Information

If you’re in need of roofing services or want to learn more about Big John Roofing, you can reach out to them using the following contact details:


Big John Roofing has earned a reputation as a reliable roofing partner in Queens, NY. With their wealth of experience, commitment to customer satisfaction, and use of high-quality materials, they have garnered positive reviews and a loyal customer base. Whether you need roofing repairs, installation, or replacement, Big John Roofing is a name you can trust to protect your property with a sturdy and dependable roof. Contact them today to experience professional roofing services that exceed expectations and provide peace of mind for years to come.


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