In the world of roofing services, finding a reliable contractor is crucial to ensure the safety and durability of your home. One such player in Mobile, Alabama, is Big Moore Roofing Contractor. With a notable overall rating and a growing review count, the company aims to provide quality roofing solutions. In this article, we delve into the offerings and reputation of Big Moore Roofing Contractor.

Contact Information

For those seeking roofing expertise, Big Moore Roofing Contractor can be contacted at their mobile number: 125-145-68780. Their address, 924 Dunlap Cir, Mobile, AL 36610, United States, positions them conveniently within reach for clients in need.

Exploring Reviews

Big Moore Roofing Contractor has garnered the feedback of five reviews, resulting in an overall rating of 3.6. While the rating might not be the highest, it reflects a mix of experiences and perspectives shared by clients who have utilized their services. Examining these reviews can offer insights into the strengths and areas for improvement of the company.

Understanding the Services

Big Moore Roofing Contractor offers a range of roofing services, from repairs to complete installations. Their team of professionals aims to provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. While the overall rating provides a general sense of customer satisfaction, it’s important to consider the diversity of services offered and the intricacies of individual projects.

Key Aspects Setting Big Moore Roofing Contractor Apart

  1. Service Variety: The company offers a wide spectrum of roofing services, catering to various requirements and budgets.
  2. Local Expertise: Being situated in Mobile, AL, Big Moore Roofing Contractor understands the local climate and conditions, which is crucial for effective roofing solutions.
  3. Experience: Their experience in the industry equips them with the know-how to handle different roofing challenges and deliver satisfactory results.
  4. Continuous Improvement: The mix of reviews suggests that the company is open to learning and improving based on customer feedback, which is a positive indicator of their commitment to bettering their services.


Big Moore Roofing Contractor stands as a contender in the roofing industry in Mobile, AL, offering a range of services and solutions. While their overall rating of 3.6 might indicate room for improvement, the diverse experiences shared through reviews offer a balanced view of the company’s strengths and areas that could use enhancement.

Before making any decisions about your roofing needs, it’s advised to conduct thorough research, ask for referrals, and request detailed estimates from multiple contractors. This approach will enable you to make an informed decision based on your specific requirements and expectations.


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