Mobile home roofs are usually made of metal panels or asphalt shingles. They have a limited amount of weight holding capacity along with the trushess. 

Water damage, an old roof, or damage of any storm can lead you to the situation of climbing the roof of your mobile home. But you might be thinking,  can I walk on my mobile home roof?

Well, this is very obvious to be concerned about the roof. The question of this answer depends on a few key aspects. You can walk on your mobile home roof for repairing purposes, but you should keep in mind that this roof is not strong enough like other housing roofs.

Can I Walk On My Mobile Home Roof

Let’s have a few insights in this article!

Can I Walk On My Mobile Home Roof: An Ultimate Guide

First of all, keep in mind that if there is any possibility that you can fix your roof by using a ladder, that would be the best solution. Because no matter how strong or structured your roof is, there is always a possibility of unnecessary accidental roof damage. 

Let’s drive into the discussion.

What Should Be considered Before Walking On the Mobile Home Roof

Pitches of Mobile Home Roof: Mobile home roof can be a flat roof or a pitched roof. Both types of roofs are walkable but pitched roofs are more structural than a flat roof.

Materials of Mobile Home Roof: a roof made of asphalt or aluminum are more feeble and prone to dings and dents. A pitched roof made of asphalt or metal shingles is strong but can come out from the place when stepping in, which is risky. 

Trushess of the Mobile Roof: trushess hold the roof of the mobile home, work as a foundation. If the trushess is not strong enough, then you should avoid climbing your roof. It can not only destroy your entire home but also you can get severe injuries. 

How To Walk On Mobile Home Roof Without Causing Damage

  • Being careful is the first thing that you can do.
  • Before you step foot on your roof, inspect it carefully.
  • Keep an eye on the surface of the roof to avoid falling from a slippery roof. 
  • Take slow and small steps on the roof. 
  • Always try to stand on the trushess.
  • Don’t stand in a place where there is no support beneath it
  • If you have to walk in an unsupported area, place a strong wooden plank on the surface to help spread your body weight

Also, keep in mind that if you are overweight, don’t try to climb the roof. It’s better to climb someone with a younger age and thinner body.

You may walk on the roof of your mobile roof but don’t forget to be extra careful. 


While concerning roof damage, don’t forget to be careful about yourself too. The roof can sometimes be slippery. Make sure to use safety equipment while climbing it and it is always a better option to use a ladder if possible.


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