Generally, roofers are used to installing metal roofing vertically. Then, you can think, can metal roofing be installed horizontally? If that’s the question, you’re in the right place.

Yes, you can. You can install metal roofing horizontally but horizontal lap joints should be a minimum of 12 inches long.

This article will help you with a guideline to install your metal roofing horizontally, so follow it.

Can Metal Roofing Be Installed Horizontally?

Horizontally placed panels necessitate more complex detailing and stronger thresholds in both the panels and the framework. So you have to be more careful when installing metal roofing horizontally. Following this article will be a great help.

Why You Should Install Metal Roofing Horizontally?

If you want to reduce your cost, time, and labor force, horizontal installment will be a good option. Also, you can set the metal panel between two rafters while installing horizontally.

Also, this can be a possible alternative if you have a rain screen prepared external wall surface.

Can Metal Roofing Be Installed Horizontally

Requirements for Horizontal Installment of Metal Roofing

First of all, there must be adequate pitch in your metal roofing. The minimum requirement for every 12 inches is a 2 inches rise. 4:12 slope or greater than this will be best. A strong underlay is also required for installing metal roofing horizontally. 

Secondly, the exterior faces of the panel should have been thicker to have an aesthetic look. 1/32” thick panel is preferable.

Lastly, the panel should be shorter for horizontal installment and try to keep it less than 20 feet in length.

Disadvantages of Installing Metal Roofing Horizontally

By taking precautions, you can install metal roofing horizontally. Before installing metal roofing horizontally, you should know the disadvantages.

  • However, if metal panels are laid out horizontally, each corrugation will form a relatively level surface at some position along its curve, causing water to flow down the sheet. 
  • Because of being metal sheets, the materials will ultimately degrade and fail. It may also be folded and torn around the screws.
  • Then, there are the pigeons, who can harm these panels because when they discharge waste while flying, the impact of their excrement dents and corrodes them. 
  • It can be harmed by heavy rain, snowfall, and other factors. 
  • Other than the hail damage, if you walk on the roof, you will cause damage.


Well, this is all about can metal roofing be installed horizontally. Hope that you’ve got it. Now, you can choose how you want to install your metal roofing.

Don’t forget to be safe and all the best. 


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