A strong substrate is required for metal roofing. Maybe you are thinking Can Metal Roofing Be Installed Over Plywood? Well, if you have such a confusion, you are on the right track.

And yes, metal roofing can be put over the plywood deck if it is strong enough to handle the increased weight of the metal panels.

If you are going to install metal roofing, follow the article.

Can Metal Roofing Be Installed Over Plywood?

To install metal roofing over plywood, roofers need to follow some steps. Reading this article will be the best decision to be successful in installing roofing over plywood. 

Why Can Metal Roofing Be Installed Over Plywood?

Plywood is extensively utilized as a roof sheathing material and as a subfloor in many interior flooring projects. If the plywood is 15/32 inches thick, it will be a good base.

Can Metal Roofing Be Installed Over Plywood?

How Can Metal Roofing Be Installed Over Plywood?

Installing metal roofing over plywood is simple. Follow the steps for installing metal roofing over plywood.


Inspect the plywood and make sure that it has the necessary thickness. If existing ones need to be replaced, replace them. 


If any elevated nail heads are visible, beat them down. Remove any vents or pipes that aren’t in use.


Then, clean the garbage and dirt over the plywood with a broom.

Installation of waterproof felt and slip sheet

To secure the plywood deck, put a waterproof felt over it. Reduced the felt to fit around all of the protrusions. Then, use a hammer and roofing nails of ½” to fasten it.

To prevent tearing and adhering, place a slip sheet over the waterproof felt. To keep it in place, use some nails.

Flashing and Gutter installation

Calculate the roof’s edge length.  Reduce the flashing to size with the metal snips and secure with ½” nails along the roof’s edge.

Use the snips to trim the gutters to fit and fix it with roofing nails.

First-panel installation

Draw a vertical chalk line parallel to the eave and ¼ inch from the rake edge of the roof. Work from the left to the right. Install the first metal panel square to the eave on the roof’s low end.

The roof’s margin should be overlapped by 1” and continue to the ridge. Drill metal screws (galvanized) of 1-½” through the peak of the rib at 12-16” intervals to secure the metal panel to the deck.

Complete the first column 

Set the second panel directly on top of the first and do the same as the first installation. Continue until you get the roof’s highest point.

Install the rest of the panels

Return to the roof’s low point and begin putting in the next row of metal panels. Cover the last rib on the right side of the previously installed panels with the first rib on the left side of the panels.

Repeat the above step for each row until all of the panels are in place.


Place the ridged metal along the peak. Place the rubber pipe boot fittings around all vent pipes.

 Metal Roofing Be Installed Over Plywood


Hopefully, you’ve got the answer on can metal roofing be installed over plywood. You can now install metal roofing over your plywood.

Get a good grip on it. All the best.


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