I am sure that you’re aware of the popularity of metal roofing. Now, are you thinking can metal roofing be used as siding? Don’t worry, you will find this here.

Well, metal roofing is a good option for siding. But, not all the types of metal roofing, two or three types can be used with special consideration.

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Can Metal Roofing Be Used As Siding?

By following some instructions and taking some special consideration, you can use metal roofing as siding. And, this article will provide you with all the things you need to know.

Why You Should Use Metal Roofing As Siding

The metal panels are long-lasting and don’t need too much maintenance. It is a lifetime product. There is painted metal roofing available in the market. 

The installation process of metal roofing is so easy. You can install it by yourself. There is no need for any rod in installing metal roofing.

Also, cleaning metal roofing is so easy. If the full house has metal skin, then you can have a quick power wash for the house.

To keep the creatures out, you might need some type of screening or something. It will work as the screening.

Besides this, it appears that the metal’s corrugation would nearly produce a natural rain screen effect. The best effect will be when there are vertical lines and they are folded at the bottom. Also, metal roofing is fire resistant.

Metal panels work as a good ventilator. And, you can easily install an insulator in your roofing and siding.

Finally, metal roofings are recyclable. The metal panels are 30 to 60% recyclable.

Can Metal Roofing Be Used As Siding? Answer Here

How Can Metal Roofing Be Used As Siding

You need to follow some steps to install metal roofing as siding. Here are those steps.

Step 1:

First of all, you’ve to measure the height of your house. Also, the space under and above the windows. 

Step 2:

Then, cut the metal panel in the necessary size. You can use tin snips or shears.

Step 3:

Then test whether the panels are fitting or not. After that, use heavy bit silicon on the house structure. Then set the metal panel on the silicon line.

Step 4:

Use nails in a regular gap and fix the metal panels.


I guess you’ve got your answer to can metal roofing be used as siding. If you want to use metal roofing as siding, this is a wonderful idea.

Go ahead and use metal roofing as siding. All the best.


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