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Polycarbonate becomes a useful roofing material for various applications because of its lightweight nature and ability to endure severe temperatures, both hot and cold. So, you can ask, can polycarbonate roofing be painted? If you have intentions to do it, be sure it is possible or not.

Wisely saying, yes, you can paint polycarbonate roofing. If you prepare the polycarbonate sheet accurately, you can paint your polycarbonate roofing.

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Can Polycarbonate Roofing Be Painted?

Polycarbonate roofing has to be well prepared for adhesion for painting. Or, the color won’t adhere to it. You can know how to do this by reading this article.

Can Polycarbonate Roofing Be Painted?

Benefits Of Painting Polycarbonate Roofing

Painting roofing is a beneficial idea. Both houses and the people living in those houses get benefits. 

  • A well-applied coat of exterior paint can help you save money on electricity. Weathershield roof paint can provide a reduced demand for air conditioning and heating.
  • The growth of algae and fungus may be prevented by Waterproof roof paint. As well as minimize the presence of allergies caused by moisture and water.
  • Also, the aesthetic value of your house will increase if you paint the roofing.

How You Can Paint Polycarbonate Roofing

By following some steps, you can successfully paint your polycarbonate roofing. Here, in the rest of the article, you will find the steps.


First of all, you need to wash the polycarbonate roofing. You can use a nylon sponge and water-based soap for washing.  Thoroughly clean all debris from the polycarbonate by wet cloth. Otherwise, the base primer will not attach to it. Allow two hours for the sheet to dry. 

Enhancing Adhesive Qualities

By roughing the polycarbonate sheet, you can enhance the adhesion. Use 100-grit sandpaper and a power sander and sand the polycarbonate. Continue the process until it becomes rough. If you don’t take your time and be thorough, the bonding primer will flake off.


Painter’s tape should be used to protect surfaces around the polycarbonate sheet. Use drop cloths to cover the floor under the polycarbonate.

Primer Application

Spray the polycarbonate sheet with acrylic bonding primer. To avoid sagging, provide an 8-inch gap between the polycarbonate and the spray tip. Allow at least two hours for the sheet to dry.

Paint Application

Following the primer application step, spray the acrylic paint. Then, let the sheet dry for a minimum of two hours.

What Should be Avoided

Finish failure is unavoidable if polycarbonate is not adequately prepared for adhesion. At all costs, stay away from solvents. Your polycarbonate sheet may soften and distort if you use solvent-based paints. It’s also important to make sure the sheet is free of oil.

Some Recommended Paint for Polycarbonate Roofing

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Cautionary Advice

  • If you try to paint straight on raw polycarbonate sheets, you’ll get peeling.
  • If you try to prime over unsanded polycarbonate, you’ll end up flaking.
  • Latex paint will not adhere to Polycarbonate sheets.
  • If you don’t pay attention to the cleaning procedure, the bonding primer will come off on the polycarbonate sheet.


That’s all about painting polycarbonate roofing. So, I guess you’ve found the answer, can polycarbonate roofing be painted. 

Get your polycarbonate roofing painted. And enjoy the new look of the house.


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