Roofing felt, a water-resistant membrane, protects the house from water leakage. Now, there may be a question to know, can roofing felt become porous. If you are concerned about this, that’s great.

All right, with age, the roofing felt can become porous. It mainly depends on the quality of the roofing felt.

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Can Roofing Felt Become Porous?

The minimum warranty for roofing felt is ten years, depending on the manufacturer. But, it can deteriorate for many reasons. You can know the reasons, and the repairing idea of becoming roofing felt porous if you read the article.

The Reasons Why Roofing Felt Become Porous

Roofing felt, is also known as feeling paper or tar paper. It would dry and shatter successfully with UV radiation or age, according to A1 Roofing Worthing. Also, it’s a sensitive material that may easily be damaged and penetrated, even during installation. 

Can Roofing Felt Become Porous

Problems Of Porous Roofing Felt

The felt covering might become porous as it ages. The surface may become uneven, buckle, or fracture in some spots as a result of this. Water can seep via the rooftop and move between the roof and floor before entering the ceiling.

Is This Okay To Repair Porous Roofing Felt

Okay, if your felt becomes porous, you may think of repairing it. So, yes, you can repair your roofing felt. Replacement of roofing felt is a good idea. Before replacement, you should remove the old felt roof.

How You Can Repair The Porous Roofing Felt

Knowing the way of repairing roofing felt that becomes porous is so important. There are some ways for repairing roofing felt. Here, in this section, you will get to know them.


It is the most profitable and time-saving approach for large portions of the felt roof. 

  • When mending a felt roof, the first step is to take away the portion that has gotten damaged. 
  • Now, score with a Stanley knife, and then cut the rest with a regular knife. 
  • Be cautious not to cut into the ceiling beneath while cutting through.


The coating is an easy way to repair the porous felt. You can use weatherproof coating and will get an excellent result. Before coating, don’t forget to clean the roofing felt. 


If your porous roofing felt can’t be repaired, you can replace it. Before replacement, use a shovel and remove the old one. 


So, I guess you’ve got the answer to can roofing felt become porous. If you’re facing this problem, you also can consult with a roofing contractor in your city.

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