The grinder is not a much-recommended tool for cutting metal roofing. So, it’s normal to think that Can you cut metal roofing with a grinder. 

Yes, you can. If you need to cut through a particularly resistant material, such as a steel container, a grinder with a steel cut-off blade, will be extremely handy.

Then why wait? Read the article and know more details.

Can You Cut Metal Roofing With A Grinder

Metal roofing can be of different types depending on their material. And the tools for cutting them vary depending on different types of metal roofing. Following the guideline will help you in cutting metal roofing with a grinder.

Can You Cut Metal Roofing With A Grinder

Why Can You Cut Metal Roofing With A Grinder

A grinder is very helpful when you need the fastest cut. Tough metal like metal roofing made of steel can be cut easily by a grinder. Also, a grinder can be used in place of a circular saw.

How Can You Cut Metal Roofing With A Grinder

Note that, if you can cut the metal roofing with tin snips or shears, avoid grinder. Now, cutting metal roofing with a grinder can be divided into three steps. 

For your convenience, I will explain the steps in the rest.


  1. Set up your workplace area and put the metal roofing facing up the proper side. Fix the metal roofing with clamps on the surface.
  2. Calculate the number of metal roofing and the size you need for installing your roof perfectly.
  3. Measure the sheet with measuring tape and mark the cutting portion with a combination square.
  4. Now, get ready to start the process, by taking safety gear. Wear protective gloves, goggles, and ear protection. Be careful, don’t get your clothes on fire from the metal heat.


  1. You can use a long thin wood as a scale. Put it on the left side of the cutting line.
  2. Now, get the grinder in your right hand and set it alongside the wood piece. 
  3. Then, slowly cut the metal roofing with small pressure. Remember that excessive heat will damage your roof.


Clean up the dust from the metal roofing and also, from the ground. This dust will rust the roofing. Also, dust is harmful to humans and other animals.

Some Recommended Grinder For Cutting Metal Roofing


So, I guess you’ve got the answer to Can You Cut Metal Roofing With A Grinder. So, don’t hurry, take enough time and get your job done.

If you are not experienced with this type of work, take help from someone experienced. 


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