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Metal roofing is well-known for being both a durable and aesthetically pleasing roofing option. And if you are a roofer, it’s common for you to think, “can you cut metal roofing with tin snips”. 

The answer is yes, tin snips can be used to cut metal roofing, but only on delicate metals and for making shortcuts.

Read the article to the end. It’ll help you in clearing all of your doubts.

Tin Snips Vs Aviation Snips For Cutting Tin

Can You Cut Metal Roofing With Tin Snips?

Before using tin snips in cutting, you must know whether it’s useful in cutting or not. Follow the article and get your metal roofing sheet in good shape.

Why You Can Cut Metal Roofing With Tin Snips

Only soft metals can be cut by tin snips. Also, tin snips are the cheapest tools that can be used in cutting metal roofs. 

The most important reason is, working with a tin snip is very similar to using a scissor. 

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How You Can Cut Metal Roofing With Tin Snips

Your safety should be most important to you. So, make sure that you wear hand gloves (ideally leather) and goggles before starting the cutting procedure. Now, let’s know the steps that you have to follow to cut metal roofing with tin snips.

The steps are explained in the rest of the article.


Now, start with placing your metal roofing in your workplace area. Make sure the right side is facing up and the sheets are securely fastened.

The next step is to calculate the number of panels you’ll need based on the dimensions of your roof. Include the size and shape of each metal panel.

After that, use your tape to measure the sizes that you’ll need to cut. When you’re marking, make sure there aren’t any gaps.

Cutting the Metal Panel:

When cutting curves that go counterclockwise, use the right-hand tin snips to keep the waste on the right side of the cut. And if you want to do the opposite, use left-hand snips. Tin snips, both center and straight, are best for straight cuts and should not be used to cut out curves.

Drill a pivot hole in the center of a surface to serve as a starting point if you need to cut a hole in the middle of it.

Clear Out:

After you’ve finished cutting, clean off the metal dust that has accumulated. If not cleaned properly, this dust can corrode and weaken your roof over time. Furthermore, they might be harmful to humans.


So, I think you’ve got the answer “can you cut metal roofing with tin snips” and are ready to cut metal roofing with tin snips. 

All the best. Don’t forget to take safety measures.


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