You know what metal roofs are more resistant to fire than any other roofing options. Usually, these kinds of roof installations demand overlapping in some areas. So the issue arises: Can You Overlap Metal Roofing Lengthwise? Continue reading this article to find out the solution.

Yes, you can definitely overlap metal roofing lengthwise. The metal roofing is lighter in weight that made the installation process easier. When you install these metal planes over your roof, you have to do the overlapping job carefully to prevent water leakage.

Let’s check out how you can overlap the metal roofing lengthwise.

Can You Overlap Metal Roofing Lengthwise?

Can You Overlap Metal Roofing Lengthwise?

You might be confused whether you overlap metal roofing lengthwise or not. No more worries. We are here for you to tell you the step by step procedure about overlapping metal roofing during roof installation.

Step 1: Check the instructions

Before going to the 2nd step, make sure to check the instructions about installing metal roofing. 

Step 2: Take permission from the local construction authority

To install the metal roof, you now must obtain authorization from your local building authority. They’ll inform you whether or not it’s permissible to overlap metal roofing longitudinally in your area.

Step 3: Take safety precautions

When working with your metal roofing panel, you may face the danger of getting cut. So, before you begin to work, put on your gloves.

Step 4: Place the metal roofing panel

You need to put the metal roofing panel over your roof and secure it finely using some screws. The first panel should be square towards the roof line.

Step 5: Position the edge of the metal panel

After you have placed the first panel, you will need to allow ½ inches to ¾ inches on the panel’s edge so that the following plane may overlap in that region. 

And keep in mind, the bigger edging is set such that another panel’s tiny edge can overlap it.

Step 6: Overlap the panels

After aligning the first panel, carefully fix the edge of each panel and secure it so that there is no leaking. 

Also, to allow water to flow, try to ensure your lap is facing the right way. Water might get into your roof if the edges aren’t properly placed. You can use tap or nails vertically across the panel’s ribs to attach both panels.


You have read this content thoroughly, right? So I hope that you are no more confused about overlapping the metal roofing longitudinally. You have undoubtedly discovered a comprehensive answer to the question: Can You Overlap Metal Roofing Lengthwise?

Metal roofing is one of the most popular roofing in many countries. It is simple to set up. Furthermore, the overlapping between the metal planes secures your roof and helps to avoid water damages.

Simply follow the steps outlined above to ensure proper overlapping throughout roof construction.

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