Polycarbonate is a type of polymeric material that has a carbonate group in its chemical structure.

There are two types of polymeric materials namely thermoplastic and thermosetting. Polycarbonate is a type of thermoplastic polymer. So it can be molded by raising the temperature as required and then cooled to make any shape or size as required.

Polycarbonate is used for various purposes such as Safety glass, bullet resistance, room divider, electronics, building application, etc.

It is mainly used in building applications. Since polycarbonate materials are a kind of polymeric materials, it is a little difficult to paint, but if you follow some steps, you can paint your polycarbonate roof.

Now you will get the details whether you can paint polycarbonate roofing or not. 

Can You Paint Polycarbonate Roofing

Chemical composition of polycarbonate roof

Although polycarbonate materials are a type of polymeric materials, polycarbonate roofing is a type of hybrid material whose strength does not break down more easily and stronger than PVC polymer.

Polycarbonate roofing is made by the condensation polymerization process. The chemical process of making polycarbonate roofing is a little bit complicated. 

Chemical composition of polycarbonate includes carbonic acid and bisphenol A. Polycarbonate is an aliphatic compound that connects through carbon linkage. Bisphenol A is made through the phosgene process.

Can you paint polycarbonate roofing?

Polycarbonate is used in many places, so the common question is whether the polycarbonate roof can be painted or not. And yes, polycarbonate roof can be painted.

Polycarbonate and nonporous like the surface of other plastic materials. So, it’s a little difficult to paint. You have to take some proper steps before painting your polycarbonate roof, otherwise you can’t paint.

Steps To Follow:

Wash your polycarbonate roof well and allow it to dry until it is completely dry. Then use an acrylic latex primer.

Apply acrylic latex primer from one end of the roof to the other with the help of a roller.

Wait again for the primer to dry.

After the primer dries, rinse well again with water.

Now, apply the latest exterior acrylic paints the way Primer is applying.

Not all types of paint can be used, only acrylic paints will be used. If you paint in this way, there will be no problem to paint a polycarbonate roof.

Advantage of polycarbonate roof

Vertically Unbreakable 

When it comes to advantages and disadvantages, the first thing to say is that polycarbonate roofs do not break stronger than ordinary roofs. That is why polycarbonate polymer can be used for bulletproof cars or glass.

UV reflective 

Polycarbonate roof UV reflective so that harmful UV rays do not cause you physical illness. Even if sunlight enters inside, it reflects UV rays so you can apply it for sure.

Color can be chosen as desired

Polycarbonate roofs come in a variety of colors based on manufacturing. You can choose the color you want. White, as well as blue, bronze, opal, silver color polycarbonate roof, can be used.

High-temperature resistance 

Now the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day and if you use a polycarbonate roof the temperature will feel less because it has high-temperature resistance. Polycarbonate roof lasts longer for this special feature.

Can be used anywhere 

One of the advantages of a polycarbonate roof is that it can be used anywhere. One of the reasons is the lightweight. So, you can easily carry it. If you can afford it, you can use a polycarbonate roof not only on the roof but in the whole house.

The disadvantage of polycarbonate roof


As usual, there are advantages and disadvantages to everything. Similarly, the biggest disadvantage of polycarbonate materials is that it is expensive. Its chemical composition requires expensive materials, so it becomes expensive from the ordinary roof.

Environmentally unfriendly 

Polycarbonate is a chemically processed material. So naturally, it is environmentally unfriendly. Phosgene and chlorine are used during the chemical process so it can be said that it is one of the disadvantages.

Requires special maintaining 

Polycarbonate roofs need special cleaning solutions, because they are vulnerable to scratches. You have to clean the roof almost every day. It can be used effortlessly for at least 60-70 years even if the lasting is reduced for repeated cleaning.


Though a polycarbonate roof has some disadvantages, its advantages are many. A polycarbonate roof usually lasts for 50-100 years. So even if it is expensive, two or three generations can be continued.

Hopefully you have enough knowledge now on ‘can you paint polycarbonate roofing’. 

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