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I have been fond of painting for a long time. When our house was built, we did the painting of the house ourselves. It was a lot of fun. At the same time, everyone was working together and enjoying themselves.

Now if you ask the question “can I paint my roofing felt”, then the answer is of course, you can paint your roofing felt.

Let’s explore more.

What is paint?

Paint is usually a coating material that is applied to the upper surface of a metallic or non-metallic material for beauty or protection. Mostly used for paint protection.

Now I think you have the answer to the word “what is paint”. Now the question that may come to your mind is, what is the definition of paint?

Paint is a liquid solution of coloring material and solvent, which is used on different metal and nonmetallic surfaces for beauty or protective reasons.

What does roofing feel like?

Roofing felt is referred to as tar paper, the line between the roof of your house and the final level of the house is known as roofing felt. Simply, it is an extra layer that protects your house from outside elements.

If you live in a humid climate, such as the Pacific coastal area where the weather is very hard to live in, or where there is snow all year round or at certain times of the year, roofing feels plays a big role in all these places. 

Roofing felt is made of fiberglass fleece or polyester which acts as waterproof. Having roofing felt between your roof and the final level of your home protects the house by preventing outside storms, rain, and even snow.

Why is it important? 

You already know that roofing helps to protect your roof from waterproof, humid climate, storm, or snow. Ultraviolet rays of the sun can also enter through the empty space between the roof and the last layer of the house which can cause various diseases. 

Now if roofing is felt, then it cannot enter anymore. Again, during a severe storm, a lot of things can enter the house and destroy the furniture of the house, roofing feels protected from these. Felt roofing ensures that no moisture can enter your home. It protects the roof deck from rain if your roof cannot be installed in one day.

Can you paint roofing felt? 

Can you paint roofing felt? Yes, roofing feels like it can be painted. But of course, there are some limitations.

There are many types of paints available in the market and not all types of paints can be used for roofing felt. Oil-based paints probably contain solvents that can cause damage.

In addition, water-based paints will be more wasted. For this, you have to use Bitumen paint when you want to paint your roofing felt.

Bitumen paint is a traditional solution used to paint metal, shed felt, concrete, and most types of roofing materials. Bitumen paint is usually applied by brush. This paint dries very quickly. And very quickly paint creates a layer of protection and waterproofing.

Why is it necessary?

Previously roofing felt was used as a layer of roofing which was covered with another layer of tiles on top. During construction, it takes a long time to make the roof. At this time, if it rains, outside the structure can be damaged. So roofing felt was used.

But now the roof acts as an extra layer that protects the house from storms, rain, wind, snow. As a result, the use of roofing felt has increased.

Nowadays the roof is used in such a way that it is easy to breathe. It is a durable system that will waterproof the roof of your house as well as keep your house and household necessities safe for a long time. As well as protect the roof of the building from external damage.


Everything has to conclude. Similarly, in the conclusion of the article, we can say that roofing felt is used more than before. The reason for the increase in usage is that everyone has realized the importance of using roofing felt.

In the age of the internet, there are many opportunities for publicity, so now everyone has the opportunity to buy by looking at the price, size, and good material. 

There is a saying “identity is not in price but performance” so when you buy roofing felt, you should look at its material and performance. 

Best of luck.


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