Suppose you are installing a siding in your house. But you realized that you have a roofing nailer instead of a siding nailer. And, also you are not in the situation to buy a siding nailer.

Now, what will you do? There may be a question that peeped into your mind, “Can you use a roofing nailer for siding?”

To get your answer you need to read the article to the end. Hope it will be very helpful for your work.

Can You Use A Roofing Nailer For Siding

Roofing nails are not the same as siding nails. But it is simple to think whether can you use a roofing nailer for siding? And you know the answer will be yes.

Sometimes for a small amount of siding work, buying a siding nailer is not necessary. You can do it with a roofing nailer, but you have to be a little tricky.

Can You Use A Roofing Nailer For Siding

From this article, you will know the tricks.

What are the uses of roofing nailer

A roofing nailer is usually used to put asphalt shingles or fiber glasses on the house’s rooftop. It plays an important role in saving the houses and protecting the insider. On the flip side, the only use of siding nails is for fastening siding stuff. 

What are the difference between roofing nailer and siding nailer

The shank of the roofing nails is smooth and it has a wider head. But, the siding nails have a small head. Roofing nailers are mainly used for roofing jobs like nailing shingles whereas siding nailers are used for siding jobs like woodworking.

Difference Between Roofing Nailer And Siding Nailer

Why can you use roofing nailer for siding

We’ve already told you roofing nailers can be used for siding. Now we are explaining the reason here.

As nails always need to be totally different in roofing and siding, so roofing nailers can be useful. Besides this, the market price of siding nailers is higher than roofing nailers. 

How can use roofing nailer for siding

There are not just one or two ways. There are various ways to use roofing nailers for siding. Techniques of using roofing nailers for siding are explained in the rest.

Blind Nailing

It is a process by which roofing nailers can be used for siding. But the term is not that familiar to everyone. So, you may be wondering what exactly is blind nailing? 

If you set a nail into the clapboard or a hardwood flooring board at a 45degree angle, just above the tongue of the board, and push it down into the subfloor or joist surface, this will be called blind nailing. 

As the head of the siding nail is small, you can use a roofing nailer to install siding and blind nail them.

1-3/4” Galvanized Nails

Siding can be installed with 1-3/4″ galvanized nails through a roofing nailer, with the nail head hidden after blind nailing.

When Installing Vinyl Siding

 A lot of nailing is involved in the time of installing vinyl siding. A pneumatic nail gun can make the job of installing it easier. But the technique is a little critical because the siding panel must be fastened in a loose place.

For this, power-nailing or stapling panels require a special adapter and that must be fit on the nailer. It accepts a slightly easy attachment. Roofing nailers work well in time of nailing vinyl siding when fitted with the adapter.

Depth Adjustment

The length of the nails is varying in the siding nailer, so a depth measurement adjustment takes place there which helps to get the exact depth of the surface. By adjusting the depth, the roofing nailer can be used in siding installation.

Electro Roofing Nails

Through roofing nailers, this type of nail with a diameter of 1/8′′ and a nail head of 3/8′′ or larger can be utilized in siding. A longer nail will be necessary if there are any other materials between the base and the siding. 

To attach siding to the home or structure, air-powered nailers or hand-driven roofing nails can be used.


Now it can be said that you’ve got the answer to the question “can you use roofing nailer for siding”. Usually, roofing work is larger than siding work. So, the roofing nailer is larger than the siding nailer.

Siding nailers are the best for siding, but sometimes roofing nailers are also useful for siding. Hope you’ve found this article helpful.

Wear a mask, stay safe. Thank you.


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