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EPDM is a rubber roofing material, which is made of synthetic and incredibly durable. It provides a long-lasting roofing solution. But this roofing material requires regular maintenance for a good look, also to save the roof from permanent stains. 

However, before starting the cleaning process you might be thinking, can you use bleach on EPDM roofing?

Well, the answer is, a mild bleach solution won’t damage the roof, but a strong solution can cause a few problems.

Let’s learn more from this article!

Can You Use Bleach On EPDM Roofing: An Ultimate Solution

Bleach is a common household material. It is renowned for its power to remove stains and facilitate the cleaning process. However, its workability differs from material to material you are applying in and the density of the solution.  

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Can You Use Bleach On EPDM Roofing
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How To Use Bleach On EPDM Roofing

Bleach is not likely to harm your EPDM rubber roof, but if it is not cleaned off promptly and thoroughly, a strong bleach solution may create streaks. In the rubber roof, the mold is deep within the pores, which creates difficulty as the bleach only cleans the top layer of the roof. 

The process is as follows:

  • Try to use a 50/50 water and bleach solution while cleaning
  • If necessary, increase the bleach concentration by 15% or you can mix detergent with it to speed the process. 
  • Soak the roof in bleach and detergent for longer periods of time and scour with a gentle brush and then wash the roof.
  • It may take several treatments before the dirt is totally gone. 

Why Not To Use Bleach On EPDM Roofing

Most of the common types of rubbers are generally safe to clean by using standard cleaners, while severe chemicals like bleach might damage the rubber to lose elasticity, fracture, or deteriorate.

Though EPDM rubbers are stronger than other usually used rubber but high and constant use of bleach for years, will surely damage the roof to some extent. Moreover, the bleach actually doesn’t clean, it just bleaches out. 

How To Clean EPDM Roofing In The Best Way

Divide the roof into several 3-foot square sections, and work on each section at a time. By using a mild solution of water and laundry detergent, brush each section of the roof using a medium-sized bristle brush. Then wash it well to prevent residual build-up on the sidewalls or the roof. 

For tougher stains, use household bleach. However, avoid cleansers that contain harsh types of abrasives or petroleum solvents since they may cause permanent damage to your roof.

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You may use bleach on your EPDM roof to remove stubborn stains. But avoid using it on a regular basis. 


You may have got your answer at the end of this article. However, cleaning the EPDM roof regularly is the key to having a nice-looking roof. That also will be easy to clean and keep the roof permanently stain-free. 


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