If you want a low-cost and beautiful floor for your sweet home, then Vinyl Plank might be the best choice for you. And for roofing felt, it would be the most available and best choice material to make a good surface for your flooring.

To make a good floor of Vinyl Plank, ye need to consider some key requirements. The surface needs to be completely level, the material should be as eco-friendly as you can manage and the surface should last long.

Let’s explore more in this article on can you use roofing felt under vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl Plank for flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is made of plastic which comes with a vast variety of designs. These are very thick 0.1-0.5 mm most of the time.

Because vinyl planks are made of plastic, these are very cheap compared to other flooring options and also water-resistant. No-stain can be found in vinyl planks.

Maintaining and cleaning the vinyl plank floor is also cheap. It is very durable and very easy to install.

The worst side of vinyl planks is that they are not eco-friendly . Also, you need to be very conscious of the selection of the under-leveling material.

The flooring of vinyl plank needs a smooth surface. otherwise, it will not last long. It might break or be damaged by water or force in any middle point of the floor.

Can You Use Roofing Felt Under Vinyl Plank Flooring

Why Roofing Felt?

Eco-Friendly: Roofing Felt is made of natural elements such as wood and some fiberglass or polyester. These are very much eco-friendly. 

Better Reliability: It repels water. This can give a strong base for vinyl flooring. It resigns stains and also gives protection in the event of ice or water damage. Roofing felt is also non-toxic.

Low Cost: If you compare to other basement options, then you can find roofing felt cost is comparatively low. And eventually, that will cost your flooring project low.

Better availability: You can have a Roofing Felt within two or three days. Which will give you a fast installation process.


Nowadays flooring is important for anyone’s home decoration. For this, Vinyl Plank is one of the best options available in the market right now. And on the other hand, Roofing Felt is maybe the best option to give a strong basement for Vinyl Plank.


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