Generally, putting a wall membrane on a roof is a no-no, as building control would freak out. Also, the idea is not good technically. So, it’s a question to think that “Can you use a roofing membrane on walls”.

In spite of having some differences between the wall membrane and roofing membrane, the roofing membrane can be used on walls. 

Read the whole article and get your answer.

Can you use roofing membrane on walls?

To use the roofing membrane on the wall, you have to go through some steps. And following these steps will ensure you the proper installment of roofing membrane on your wall.    

Can You Use Roofing Membrane On Walls

Why can use roofing membrane on walls?

Although the basic technology is the same, the performance parameters for roofs are substantially higher in terms of permeability and water retention. The roof membrane is commonly used in walls. Breathable membranes for wall structures do not need to meet the same stringent standards as those for roof constructions. 

The roof membrane is used especially on smaller projects or where smaller roll widths are used in stick construction.

How can use roofing membrane on walls

There is a definite way to do this, so you can get maximum precision. For your convenience, we’ve explained it step by step below. The installation process can be divided into four steps. 

Step 1:

First of all, you need to flash the glue on both walls and the membrane. Then set your RUSS or perimeter strip in place.

Step 2: 

Begin in the middle of your strip and tuck the membrane at a 90-degree angle near to the wall edge so that it will cover the RUSS strip. 

Step 3:

Now work on one side at a time. There will be a wrinkle on your wall if you don’t follow this format. 

Once the membrane is over your RUSS strip or Perimeter strip, return to the center and roll it up the wall. Shift around the room, alternating between the center and the sides.

Step 4:

After you’ve reached the top, simply wrap the membrane over the roof edge. Don’t forget to make sure that it’s nice and tight. Then, using a roller, toll the wall over the wall and fasten the outside roof edge with nails.


I guess you have already got your answer: Can you use a roofing membrane on walls. You can use a roofing membrane on your wall. For that, you just have to follow some steps. 

So, follow the mentioned steps and install the roofing membrane. 


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