Hardie Siding is one of the leading siding manufacturers. Siding is important to protect your home against exposure to the element, prevent heat loss and visually give a nice look. So it is necessary to choose the right method while siding. 

Now a question may peep in your mind, can you use roofing nails for hardie siding?

Well, sometimes it seems like side replacement and roof replacement are pretty similar. But both of them have different characteristics and need different nails to replace them. The truth is that siding and roofing nails are not similar. And it is better not to use them vice versa.

Let’s explore more in this article.

Can You Use Roofing Nails For Hardie Siding: An Ultimate Guide

Before getting the ultimate answer, you should have knowledge on some facts. First of all, you must know what the roofing nails and siding nails are. 

Roofing nails

Flat heads and shorter shanks characterize the majority of roofing nails. All roofing nails have one thing in common: a diamond-shaped tip. When it punctures through the decking, this point is expertly constructed to keep the decking intact.

Apart from that, roofing nails can readily pass through wood or steel, making the installation process quicker and easier. 

Roofing nails should always be tightly nailed to the surface. It can cause water damage to your house if it is not secured properly. It must not expand during  excessive warm weather. 

Siding nails

When it comes to siding, it must be able to expand and respond to changes in temperature on a regular basis, completely opposite of the roofing nails. As a result, the siding nails should be allowed to move at least 1/4 inches back and forth.

Siding shingles works in a different way than roofing shingles to keep the water out. Because the siding is not completely waterproof. It is covered with a house wrap that can disperse tiny amounts of water.

It can cause harm to your house if it is nailed too tightly, and it has the potential to crack or distort your house. As a result, siding nails are typically one to two inches longer than roofing nails.  

Moreover, the many varieties of siding can make matters more complicated. Each siding manufacturer like Hardie siding has their own installation instruction.

However, you should also keep in mind that manufacturers will not replace the defective items if the installation process wasn’t done correctly. 

Though Roofing nails and Siding nails may look similar. But due to their different  characteristics Hardie Siding nails are not replaceable with Roofing nails


From the above discussion, it should be clear that roofing nails and siding nails are different in their nature and need. Using roofing nails in siding your house can damage the exterior walls of your house and destroy the look.

So, it is best to not use roofing nails for hardie siding.


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