Using tar on the driveway is pretty common nowadays. To begin with, it is more flexible than concrete, making it less prone to breaking. Secondly, it is much less expensive than concrete or bricks.

Now you might be thinking when you are going to use tar on your driveway, Can you use roofing tar on my driveway? 

Sorry to say but the answer is No. It won’t last for long, rather it will create a mess. It will even cost you a lot to remove this tar when you are done with it.

Let’s explore more in this article! 

Can You Use Roofing Tar On My Driveway: A Complete Solution

Roofing tar is an oily, black substance that is used to repair leaks on flat roofs. Petroleum byproducts and coal tar are used to make it. You have already got your answer. Now, let’s know why you should not use roofing tar on driveway. 

Why not to use Roofing tar

Roofing tar takes a long time to dry, so it won’t stick to anything. Whereas other driveway sealers dry within an hour and can be driven on in a few hours, and it’s also a lot thinner.

Roofing tar becomes sticky in the heat, and your car tires will mark tar all over the place. You’ll have tar-covered shoes, which will bring tar into your home, where it will be impossible to remove from the carpet or the floor.

Avoid using roofing tar on your driveway unless you want your tires coated in sticky black guck, as well as the amount that will stick onto your car.

Why to use Driveway Tar

The texture of tar isn’t as smooth as other materials. This improves the driveway’s natural grip and makes it less slippery. When the weather is wet or snow or ice settles on the surface, it still is not slippery which is not the case for asphalt driveway.

Some driveways like asphalt need to be maintained on a regular basis. A tar driveway takes care of itself. It is not necessary to seal or recoat it. Small cracks in the surface will usually fill in gradually during the warmer months. 

And lastly, as mentioned above, it is less costly than other driveway installations. 

However, don’t consider roofing tar and driveway tar to be similar. They are completely different materials for different uses.


Driveways are a gateway between your home and the rest of the world, so they see a lot of use. Pitting, cracking, and fading can occur as a result of this. But using tar on your driveway will give a good look and last long for many years if done correctly. 


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