Metal is very effective as a roofing material. It is even very popular among the roffers for its easy installation and durability.

As a roofer you must know that there is a gap between the high corrugations of the metal panels and the roof deck. These gaps can cause some unwanted problems like allowing wind driven water and unnecessary noise from outside to get inside.

You must install closure strips when setting up a metal roof to get rid of the problems. This will make your roof moisture and noise proof and also weather tight. It will also save your roof deck from the birds, insects and rodents.

I guess you have not installed closure strips when setting up a metal roof yet and wondering, do I need closure stripes for metal roofing?

For you, in this article, we are going to discuss in this regard.

Do I Need Closure Strips For Metal Roofing?

Here we have described the benefits of installing closure strips on a metal roof. Then we have mentioned the places of the metal roof that require closure strips.

Read them carefully to understand the necessity of closure strips. 

Do I Need Closure Strips For Metal Roofing

Benefits of closure strips:

These are the benefits of using closure strips when installing a metal roof.

Resists Moistures:

On a humid day, especially on a rainy day, water and moisture can easily drive through the gaps. This water and moisture will make the rooms damp and also damage the furniture’s and other important things inside the rooms. Damply environment is also favorable for bacteria and fungi to grow.

That’s why your roof must be water resistant. I know you don’t want it to leak water. And these strips will help the roof to resist water, moisture from getting inside. Thus, these strips will let you maintain a water and weather resistant roof.

Reduces Noise:

The house or other building you are roofing on must be sound proof. Noise from outside can easily penetrate through the gaps between the metal panel and roof decks, and make life uncomfortable for the people inside.

By using closure strips while installing the metal roof, you can easily solve this problem. These strips will let you fill all the gaps between the roof deck and metal panels and block the noises. Thus, you can get rid of unwanted noise.


These strips are manufactured to sustain for a long period of time. Generally they are made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate foam and Polyethylene foam. They are resistant to water and most chemicals. That’s why these strips can function efficiently for a long time, without being damaged. 

Get rid of unwanted light:

Light from outside will shine through the gaps between the roof deck and top of the waves of the panels. This unnecessary light can ruin the decor or texture of the rooms.

Closure strips fill the gaps. Thus, it works as a barrier and shortens the amount of unnecessary light.

Get rid of pests:

The gap between the roof panel and the roof deck is very small. But it is enough for the birds, insects and rodents to get in. You don’t want your roof deck to be a shelter for rodents, birds or insects. These creatures also damage the roof deck.

By installing closure strips, you can secure your roof deck from becoming home of the creatures stated earlier in this section.

The places where closure strips are installed:

The Places Where Closure Strips Are Installed

After knowing the benefits of closure strips, now it is time to learn about the places on the roof where you have to use closure strips.

Take a look at the guidelines provided by the manufacturer’s of the roof. This guide will give you necessary detail about the installation process and exact places of installation of closure strips.

Generally you need to use closure strips at the eave trim, box gutter, ridge cap, valley flashing, peak trim, pitch break, and endwall.


I guess now you know about the importance of using closure strips when installing a metal roof. And do not not have to ask again, do I need closure stripes for metal roofing?

Although installing closure strips on a metal roof will add a few extra dollars to the total cost for roofing, it will help to get rid of unwanted problems mentioned earlier. I hope you will keep the information in mind while metal roofing.


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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