Shingles are rectangular overlapping covering elements that are seen on roofs. They are placed over roofing felt as the outer protective layer.

Roofing shingles last quite long. Usually their life span is about 15-20 years. So the answer to the question “Do roofing shingles expire?” is a yes. They do expire. But the good news is, they will last long if you take care of it properly. 

Hopefully this article will give you an in depth information about how long roofing shingles last. 

Do Roofing Shingles Expire

Do roofing shingles expire: Reason behind

Let’s have a look at some facts that will let you know why shingles explore. You will even know how you can make the shingle long lasting. 

Roofing shingles

Roofing shingles do go bad, but the rate at which they go bad is crucial. Sometimes a few of them age early, but you can easily replace them. In some years, the weather is extra harsh which can make your shingles bad quicker. There are many factors that affect roofing shingles.

Shingles In Storage

We always buy shingles in bulks while getting our roof done. So usually there are a few shingles left. It is a good idea to store the leftover shingles instead of throwing them away. Because those left over shingles match your roofing ones perfectly. So if any of them goes bad, you will have matching shingles in hand to replace.

But you have to carefully store them if you want them to last long. The shingles are typically made of asphalt. This can get stiff if stored for more than a year. 

But if necessary steps are taken, this can probably be avoided for a few years. You would want to keep them in the bundles they came in originally. Because in that arrangement, they are lined up in a way so that they can avoid sticking to each other. 

If you take them out of the bundle and store them stacked on one another, you might end up finding them stuck to each other and forming an asphalt block after a while. You wouldn’t be able to take them out undamaged. 

Try to keep them in a dry and cool place. Humidity or heat are some of the worst enemies for your shingles.

Try to store them in your home rather than in a garage. If you carefully store your shingles, they might last quite long.

Shingles On The Roof

Now comes the shingle on your roof. They are the main ones that need to be taken care of the most since they’re doing the whole work. 

They are exposed to all kinds of weather or natural stressing factors. You may want to trim your trees regularly so that they don’t grow over your roof putting extra weight on it. Or you may want it so that they don’t  whisk over the roof with wind. This will cause the shingles unnecessary weight and granule loss.

The heat and humidity can really ruin your shingles. So if any side of your roof is exposed to the sun for most part of the day, it’s better to use thicker shingles on that side and thinner ones on the shady sides. This way, your roof will evenly age.

One thing you should remember while installing your roof is that, if the shingles are substandard, it’s better to leave them and invest in new, better ones. Because if you use somewhat below standard shingles, they might not last even a few years. You will eventually have to spend more money anyway. 

How do you decide if your shingles have worn out?

Typically the shingles are made of asphalt. If the corners of your shingles are upturned or some shingles are missing, you should contact your contractors for roof check up. 

If shingles don’t set back properly after high wind lifts them or if heavy debris is seen on your shingles, you should watch out for it.

If your shingles are wet after a few days of rain, the felt is probably not draining water well and you should check up on it.

How do you decide if your shingles have worn out


Do roofing shingles expire? Well, like all other things, shingles also do have an expiration date. The only difference is, the date depends on you. If you take proper care of them, they will last really long. And in case you don’t, they will age before they should.

Hopefully this article gave you a decent amount of knowledge about this issue. If you have further enquiries, we suggest you consult with your local roofing contractor.


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