The roof acts in a crucial part as your home envelope. Even an ignorable leak in the roof may lead to critical water damage which costs more than thousands of dollars to put right.

Recruiting expert roofers and making the job finished right can secure your living or even your valuable life. And ensuring appropriate permission is a part of making the job right.

Different cities have different rules. If you are a homeowner or contractor of New Jersey, then you may have a question: do you need a permit for roofing in New Jersey?

No need to worry. In this article, I will try to give you a clear idea about it. 

So, Let’s see…

Do You Need A Permit for Roofing in New Jersey?-Overview

You know homeowners or licensed contractors can apply for building permits. But the Community Affairs Department of New Jersey has made a change in its regulations.

Since March 2018, there is no need to get a permit for roof installation on a single or double family home. 

New Jersey’s Department of Community Affairs redirected roof replacements as ordinary maintenance and minor jobs. That means new roof installation or roof replacement is no longer an issue of investigations by the state enforcing agency.

Do You Need A Permit for Roofing in New Jersey

Benefits and drawbacks of taking permission for roofing 

Historically, major repair work like basement finishing, roof replacements, and additions, all are considered big projects and major jobs.

The state requires that homeowners have to take permission to do such type of work. Maybe your curious mind wants to know  “Why did the authority require permits for the home improvements. Obtaining permits has numerous benefits:

It ensures safety to both the home buyers and homeowners for purchasing or living homes. Because the municipality’s code investigator will review plans and work to make sure it’s being made according to state and local building codes. Let’s see some other benefits. 

  • Permitting process provides revenue to the municipality. 
  • You will know about the actual legitimate contractors.

Taking permission for roofing seems to have some drawbacks too. Such as: it kills time as well as your money.

Final thoughts

If you are a homeowner or contractor, then it’s a good thing for you. You can concentrate on performing your jobs, you need not go to the town hall to get a permit. 

As it provides a way to save your money and relax from waiting for inspection, so now it has become easier to build a new roof or replace your roof. 

Hopefully, you have got a clear concept about do you need a permit for roofing in New Jersey?

So, make a sweet home and happy living!


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