Few people would realize that roofing products include asbestos. If you’re concerned, you may ask, does roofing shingles contain asbestos? Okay, this is a good question and we appreciate you.

Well, the answer is yes. Roofing shingles, especially asphalt roofing shingles contain little amount of asbestos. 

If you want to know more about it, read the whole article.

Does Roofing Shingles Contain Asbestos

Before 1980, asbestos-containing metal roofs were a popular option among Americans. Asbestos roofing sheets and roof vents mastics were utilized as fire retardants in previous construction procedures.

In truth, while asbestos was widely utilized in various asphalt roofing materials, it was rarely employed in shingles. However, the quantity of asbestos included in shingles was usually less than 1%.


Asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally. Minerals are crystal-structured substances such as gold, gemstones, talc, or quartz. Asbestos comes in a variety of forms, but they all feature long, microscopic, crystalline threads. It possesses excellent resistance to fire, heat, chemicals, and electrical damage, as well as high tensile strength and insulating qualities.

But it is harmful to health. Inhaling or swallowing asbestos fibers may result in lung illness.

Does Roofing Shingles Contain Asbestos

How To Determine If It Contains Asbestos

When a product containing asbestos is processed or finished, it must have a conspicuous tag with safety advice specific to the product. From that tag, you can learn about the materials used in your products.

Another way of knowing whether your roofing shingles contain asbestos or not is the age of your house. Asbestos usage was more prevalent between 1920 & 1980, therefore if your property has been built around that time, it indeed contains asbestos.

Some Companies That Manufactures Roofing Materials Containing Asbestos

Asbestos is harmful to health but, all manufacturers don’t avoid using asbestos in roofing materials. Some of those companies are given here,

  1. G.W. Berkheimer Company, Inc.
  2. Barrett Roofing Company
  3. Bird and Son
  4. Fibreboard Corporation
  5. Flintkote Company

Some Other Existing Roofing Materials That Contain Asbestos

Asbestos isn’t used in all types of roofing materials. There are some specific materials that contain asbestos. The materials are,

Mineral fiber

This style of roof is easily identified since it is generally green in color and has a striated pattern. It is made of cement and mineral fibers and, like the majority of asbestos-containing products, it is only harmful when broken or in bad condition.

Asphalt Tar Paper

It was a common form of asbestos-containing material used in roof construction

Besides this cement, corrugated cement, slates, etc. contain asbestos.

Need to Know About Asbestos Shingles


I hope you’ve got the answer to your question, does roofing shingles contain asbestos? So, get started to find if your roofing materials contain asbestos or not.

If there is any asbestos, contact a contractor. All the best.


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