Metal roofs are susceptible to dust, rust, and any other types of damages. To protect your roof, it is the best way to color it. Many colors are prominent among users, but green is one of the most common and popular ones.

Green metal roofs give a very vibrant and colorful look. If your roof is green, then your next thought might be green metal roof goes with what colors.

The color options, contrast, light reflection of the overall house are very important for a graceful exterior look. But dealing with these can be confusing,  no worries, this article will help you choose a color option for your house.

So, let’s dig into it.

Green Metal Roof Goes With What Colors

Green Metal Roof Goes With What Colors

The color selection mainly depends on the preferences of users, weather conditions, material, metal quality, and roof structure.

There are a lot of options available such as you can just simply go with the color of the roof and choose some shade of green. It is one of the safe options with what you can never go wrong.

If you do not like loud and bright color shades, then you can choose any tone from eggshell to vanilla. This will create an elegant as well as a peaceful look complimenting your green roof.

Green Metal Roof Goes With What Colors

Color Preferences


The red exterior with the green roof is an unusual combination, but it has its perspective such as these opposite hues play into one another maximizing aesthetics. 

Again, a rustic brick red balances the slick and shiny look. This pairing has a farmhouse vibe when every peak and angle is colored with buttercream white. If this explanation is not convincing enough for you, you can go for other safer options such as beige, gray stone, or white, etc.


A more ideal combination is natural wood color shades complimenting your bright green roof. 

The wood texture colors such as cedar, mahogany, pine, honey maple, special walnut, provincial, early american, english chestnut, dark walnut, kona, ebony, jacobean, etc play with the metal roof creating a sense of balance. This combination is usually preferred in mountain suburbs and near ski chalets. 


A light shade of yellow can also be a good option, with some white lining on the peak and angles of the home. 

Yellow and green are both statement colors for such a home and look beautiful altogether. The presence of white can soften the bold color palette giving it a more crispy and clean look. This combination radiates a friendly and eye-catching vibe.


Green metal roofs are a natural fit for neutral stone houses. In mountain and woody areas, this palette brings a rustic and relaxing retreat enriching the natural surroundings.

Mimicking the natural palette, this provides harmony between nature and civilization.


The safest choice for an outer look with a green roof is white. But it also comes with several selections.

Before starting to choose, you first need to decide whether you want a vintage-looking home or a modern one. Because the choices in the range of white can vary according to your decision.

If you are looking for something antique, vintage, and traditional, then you can choose a warm white shade along with some yellow lining. Or if you are thinking about more of a modern look, a pure white tone is more preferable.

White houses somewhat vibe clean, neat, crisp and preppy, and always eye-pleasing. This green and white palette is an ideal medley for both traditional and modern architectures.


What color is most preferable in doing metal roofing?

Ans. A metal roof can be of any color such as white, grey, brick red, green, and many more. The most preferable color is blue or grey in metal roofing. This is now both trendy and elegant.

How is the exterior color of the house selected? 

Ans. Normally exterior color is selected in such a way that it can complement the roof color. Again, a combination of three colors is usually used nowadays, but it is not always necessary.

What are the most trendy exterior colors?

Ans. The most trendy ones are white, black, brick red, light blue, earthy tones, grey, etc.

Final Words

Green is quite a bossy color which can limit the home’s exterior color choices. Although this selection mostly depends on the homeowner’s preferences, a few common thinking can lighten the mood of your house’s look as well as provide a bold or understated design. 

So, if you had already painted your roof green and now thinking about 

green metal roof goes with what colors, hopefully, this writing has helped you achieve your desired goal.


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