Having an excellent understanding of roofing battens is crucial for doing any construction work like roof work planning, repairing, etc.

To gain knowledge about the grading process, you have to be skilled on grading stamps, timber, batten color, and drying process. It also requires quality checking, treatment, and ensuring sustainable sources.

So, If you are not engaged in the construction area, then it seems quite difficult to realize how long do roofing battens last.

Sounds awful! Right? No, definitely not. If you have some basic idea, then it’s a doodle for you which will be provided in this article.

How Long Do Roofing Battens Last

How long do roofing battens last? A quick overview

Roofing battens act on some incredibly outstanding structural functions to secure your roof. They provide a breathable surface to carry roofing tiles and fix the roofing tiles.

Moreover, they assist to be aligned with roofing sheets. They enable the roof stuff to be firmly secured with the roof.

Basically, the longevity of the roofing battens depends on the materials it has been made of.

The lifespan of a roofing batten depends on several factors, especially the materials it has been made. But generally, most of the battens are designed to last 60 years.

There are different types of battens like metal, wood, plastic, or composite and in some cases, combine two or more materials to get the desired effect. Among all, metal and timber roof battens are mostly used.

Let’s get some ideas about them.

Timber roof batten

A traditional batten, appropriate for all forms of roofing containing tile and metal. Specialists recommend hardwood in the higher wind areas as fastening can be torn out of softwoods.

Metal Roof Battens

Metal roof battens are used with tile cladding, timber supporting frame, or steel. It provides extraordinary strength in case of weight values and is lighter than a timber batten.

How Long Do Roofing Battens Last

What have to keep in mind when selecting roof battens

  1. Ensure an indelible stamp from a reliable brand for quality assurance. Certification from a third party surely adds some extra confidence.   
  2. Red battens may bring peace to your mind. As well as color, supporting documentation is most important to conform to the standard.
  3. Redwood or white wood, what type of wood has been used is the most important fact.
  4. It has to dry in such a way as to prevent defects suchlike splitting and warping. 
  5. They have to be graded by machine or visually.
  6. It’s the crying need to be preservative treated. 
  7. You have to make sure the raw materials you buy for roofing battens come from a sustainable source.

Final thoughts

The majority of people don’t pay any attention to roofing battens. But if they are related to the construction industry, then you never ignore the importance of roofing battens. 

By keeping the above-mentioned criteria in mind, you can ensure the longevity of your roof that you desire.

Hopefully, from this article, you got the idea about how long do roofing battens last. 

So, choose the right one and have a long-lasting roof.


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