Although the world is wrapped in a touch of modernity, some old methods still exist with dignity in the world. One such method is to have a thatched roof in your home which has been going on for ages.

I find the old architectural style very beautiful. Many temples and mosques show the architectural style of kings of different times with the thatched roof.

Now come to the point, a thatched roof usually lasts 10 to 50 years. If you use good materials and maintain well, then the thatched roof will last longer.

Thatched roof can be seen in many old installations yet now. Now let’s know ‘how long does a thatched roof last’ in detail.

History Of Using A Thatched Roof

Thatched methods have been around for ages. The history of this method is very old. Asia, equatorial areas, many natives of America used to do thatching their houses. Thatching gained much popularity in England in the early nineteenth century.

Thatch is very popular in England, Netherland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium. According to a report, thatch has been used in about 60,000 installations in England and about 150,000 in the Netherlands.

How Long Does A Thatched Roof Last

What Materials Are Used In Thatched Roof

Usually, dried tree leaves, rice straw, wheat straw, golpata, water reed, heather are used here.

Thatching is still being done by thatch builders in developing countries. In developed countries, many people do thatching on the roof of their house as a hobby and many people do thatch to get relief from the heat.

How Long Does A Thatched Roof Last

If you use good materials, then you will get good products. This saying is famous in all cases. Thatch roof is no exception. If you make it with good materials, then your thatched roof will last a long time.

Thatch can usually last up to 10-50 years. If a good straw is used, then durability will increase and if medium quality material is used, then durability will decrease. Even a good quality straw thatch lasts more than 50 years.

Some Factors Affect The Durability Of Thatch

  1. Thatch needs to be maintained frequently. If it is not maintained and remains unmaintained again and again, it will not last long.
  2. If thatch is covered with a net, then water can accumulate inside and get damaged.
  3. The thickness of the surface decreases over time. The reasons are storms and rain. So the top layer needs to be changed again and again. Now it is normal to lose stability if you do not change at the right time.

Advantage Of Using A Thatched Roof 

The advantage of having thatch roof is many. Let’s get to know some of them.

  • First of all, let’s talk about materials. Leaves, dried straws are available in almost all parts of the world and there is no need to spend much to buy or procure them. Waterproof straw is available in the equatorial region. So the cost to do thatch at home is much less.
  • Thatch materials are light, so you don’t need a lot of wood to hold them. That is why the cost of wood is low.
  • If you maintain thatch well, it will last for a long time effortlessly. You will feel comfortable sitting here on a hot or cold day. 


What Materials Are Used In Thatched Roof


Thatched performance depends on the roof, the size of the roof, the position of the roof, the shape of the roof, etc.

Having thatch roof means having natural air conditions. It acts as an insulator. The thatched roof does not allow heat to enter inside during hot weather and keeps warm inside during winter.

Thatch roof will ensure cool during hot weather and warm during the cold season.


There is a lot of discussion about thatched roofs. Hopefully, your desired unknown thing will get into it. 

If you have read the above information, you surely know better about “how long does a thatched roof last”. I’m hoping you’ll start thinking about building your own thatched house now.

Best of luck.


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