Whether you are a homeowner or a roofer, the EPDM term is surely known to you. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, commonly well-known as rubber roofs.

Rubber membrane roof provides advanced durability, easy installation. It comes with a long lifespan of about 40-50 years and a reasonable price. All of these make it the best replacement option for any materials that have been damaged. 

Amazing services! Isn’t it? Yeah. Though it comes with some disadvantages in a few cases, the materials are strong enough to last for decades.

In this article, I will try to give you a clear concept of how long do rubber roofing lasts.

How long do rubber roofs last? – A brief explanation

The  EPDM rubber roof is fabulously durable and long-lasting. Due to the synthetic rubber membrane and recycling, the rubber is protected from ultraviolet rays.

If you can ensure proper installation with well kept up, climatic conditions, and preventive maintenance, then you can hope to have a 40 to 50 years lifespan. 

Though durable rubber can withstand extreme conditions of weather like snow, rain, hail, and strong winds, these can knockdown life expectancy by a few years.

Rubber Roofs become an Excellent Choice – Reasons behind

Stability: EPDM is durable and strong enough like PVC and TPO to support rooftops gardens. Seamless materials enable it to prevent the growth of mold fungi and other roof-damaging lifeforms and lock moisture.

Lightweight: It is lighter than the modified bitumen. In per Square feet area, weight is only 2 pounds.

Only Requires proper installation: Alike PVC, TPO, and other expensive roofing materials, cost-effective rubber roofs will provide no-leak capabilities and moisture-resistant quality by ensuring proper installation only. For doing it in an efficient and best way, some steps have to be followed.

Let’s have a look at it.

  1. Preparing the roof deck
  2. Installing batten and trim
  3. Installing wall upstand
  4. Preparing EPDM layer
  5. Applying adhesive
  6. Cutting EPDM excesses
How Long Does Rubber Roofing Last

Cheap Price: Though it provides similar beneficial issues as PVC, TPO, and other expensive materials,  EPDM is fabulously cost-effective for being recycled. The average price of  the rubber membrane is  about $0.80 per square foot

Minimal Maintenance: Without a bunch of maintenance, a rubber roof can be used for a long time anywhere.

Easy to repair quickly: If the rubber membrane of your roof is ever torn or split or damaged, then it’s easy to repair quickly.

Final Thoughts

Rubber roofs have become the go-to choice due to lower prices and minimal maintenance for the commercial rooftops. 

If you are a property owner with a long roofing life expectancy, then it is the best decision to choose rubber roofing.
Hopefully, you have got a crystal clear idea of how long rubber roofing lasts. So, why are you late? Grab the best one and enjoy rubber roofing.


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