If you’re planning a roofing project or simply curious about roofing materials, you might have come across the term “square” when referring to shingles. But what exactly does it mean, and how many shingles make up a square? Let’s break it down in simple terms.


In the world of roofing, a “square” is not a shape; it’s a unit of measurement. It’s a way to quantify roofing materials, particularly shingles. Understanding what a square represents and how to calculate it can be helpful when estimating your roofing needs.

What Is a Square of Shingles?

A square of shingles is a unit of measurement equal to 100 square feet of roofing material. It’s a convenient way for roofers and homeowners to discuss and estimate the amount of shingles required for a roofing project.

How to Calculate the Number of Shingles in a Square

To determine how many shingles make up a square, you need to consider the type and size of the shingles you plan to use. Shingles come in various dimensions, so the number of shingles in a square can vary. Here’s a straightforward way to calculate it:

  1. Find Shingle Coverage Area: Look for the coverage area information on the packaging of your shingles. This will typically be provided in square feet per bundle.
  2. Calculate Shingles Needed for a Square:
    • Divide 100 (the number of square feet in a square) by the coverage area per bundle.
    Example: If your shingles cover 33 square feet per bundle:
    • 100 (square feet in a square) ÷ 33 (square feet per bundle) = approximately 3 bundles of shingles per square.

So, for shingles that cover 33 square feet per bundle, you would need about 3 bundles to cover one square.

Why Does Knowing This Matter?

Understanding how many shingles make up a square is crucial for several reasons:

  • Accurate Estimation: It helps you estimate the quantity of shingles required for your roofing project correctly.
  • Budget Planning: Knowing the number of squares needed allows you to budget accurately for materials.
  • Efficient Purchasing: You can purchase the right amount of shingles without excess waste.


In summary, a square in roofing lingo is a unit of measurement equal to 100 square feet of roofing material. The number of shingles in a square depends on the size and coverage area of the shingles you’re using.

To calculate it, divide 100 by the square feet covered by a bundle of your chosen shingles. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions about your roofing project, ensuring you have the right amount of materials to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively.


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