If you’re planning a roofing project, understanding the measurement known as “squares” is essential. It’s a term commonly used in the roofing industry to order materials and estimate costs. In this blog, we’ll explore what 20 squares of shingles mean in terms of square footage. We’ll keep it simple, use practical examples, and make sure you grasp this roofing concept.


First, let’s clarify what a “square” means in roofing. In roofing lingo, a “square” is a unit of measurement equivalent to 100 square feet of roof area. Roofers use squares to simplify calculations and material orders.

Calculating Square Footage for 20 Squares of Shingles

Now, let’s determine the square footage covered by 20 squares of shingles. The formula is straightforward:

  • Square Footage = Number of Squares x 100

In our case, we have:

  • Square Footage = 20 squares x 100 square feet/square
  • Square Footage = 2000 square feet

So, 20 squares of shingles cover 2000 square feet of roof area.

Practical Example

Let’s say you have a roofing project for a small house. You’ve calculated that the roof’s total square footage is 1800 square feet. To order the right amount of shingles, you can use the formula like this:

  • Number of Squares = Total Square Footage ÷ 100
  • Number of Squares = 1800 square feet ÷ 100
  • Number of Squares = 18 squares

Now you know that you need 18 squares of shingles to cover your 1800 square foot roof.


Understanding how many square feet are in 20 squares of shingles is crucial for accurate material ordering and cost estimation in roofing projects. With a simple formula, you can convert squares to square footage and vice versa.


Roofing doesn’t have to be complicated, and units like “squares” can simplify the process. Now, you have a clear understanding of what 20 squares of shingles mean in square footage. This knowledge empowers you to plan your roofing projects effectively and ensures you order the right amount of materials, saving you time and money.


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