Roofing is a critical aspect of any home, and understanding how to measure its size is essential when planning for repairs or replacements. If you’ve ever wondered, “How many squares is a 1200 square foot house?” you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll simplify the process, use everyday language, provide practical examples, and help you determine the number of squares for your 1200 square foot house.

1. What Are “Squares” in Roofing?

Before diving into calculations, let’s clarify what we mean by “squares” in the context of roofing. In roofing terminology, one square is equal to 100 square feet of roofing material. It’s a convenient unit of measurement used by professionals in the industry.

2. The Formula: Squares = Total Square Footage ÷ 100

To determine how many squares your 1200 square foot house requires, you can use the following formula:

  • Squares = Total Square Footage ÷ 100

3. Example Calculation:

Let’s calculate how many squares your 1200 square foot house needs:

  • Squares = 1200 square feet ÷ 100 = 12 squares

So, your 1200 square foot house requires 12 squares of roofing material.

4. Factors to Consider:

Keep in mind that various factors can affect the number of squares needed for your roofing project:

  • Roof Pitch: Steeper roofs may require more material due to increased surface area.
  • Overhangs: Consider any roof overhangs or extensions that add to the total area.
  • Waste Factor: Roofing materials are typically sold in whole squares, so you might need to purchase slightly more material to account for waste.

5. Verdict:

Understanding how to calculate the number of squares for your roofing project is like having a blueprint for your roof replacement or repair. It ensures you purchase the correct amount of materials, minimizing waste and preventing unexpected expenses.

Roofing calculations don’t have to be complicated. By applying the simple formula (Total Square Footage ÷ 100), you can confidently plan your roofing project and make informed decisions about materials and budgeting.

Calculating the number of squares for your house is an essential step in any roofing project. It helps you budget effectively and ensures a smooth and cost-efficient process, whether you’re repairing a section or giving your entire roof a makeover.


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