Roofing battens are a very popular and important roofing element nowadays. 

Among the two roofing options of deck system and batten system, it is recommended to utilize it if you have concrete tiles or HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system installed in your roof.

As a beginner or a roofing worker, you may become curious about how much are roofing battens or how they work. If you don’t know about them initially, this article will help you briefly.

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What is a roofing batten?

A roofing batten is attached to the roof covering or put over an existing roof structure for the installation of a new roof.

Battens are installed lengthwise and are spaced according to the type of roof covering material. It is known as roofing lath and is used to hold roofing materials such as roof shingles, tiles, etc in place. 

How Much Are Roofing Battens

Benefits of Roofing Battens

Roof batten is comparatively easy to maintain rather than decking system as it is simple to do any kind of repairing in battens. 

It provides facilities while dealing with ice damming and heat control. While installing solar panels, it is easy to manage. It also helps in increasing energy efficiency by using insulation.

The market price of roofing battens 

Overall, there are a lot of options available in the market, but the choice of roofing batten for your roof depends on your roof’s existing material, your budget, and preference.

Different types of roof battens can be used such as timber, ispat, and some other materials. 

If you are going for timber roof options, then a 25mm * 50mm * 3600mm (a pack of 8) can cost you up to 57 dollars. It also comes in a variety of size and cost options. Such as in the case of 25mm * 38mm* 3600mm, price is almost 41 to 55 dollars. The cheapest option of the same size is also available where each batten can cost you almost 5 dollars. 

An ispat roof batten of 40mm*40mm* 0.48mm can cost almost in the range of 19 to 24 dollars. 


Now, do you think this roof batten thing is helpful in roofing? Do you have any idea how much are roofing battens? I hope so. 

Hopefully, this article serves your purpose. And if you are thinking about doing any roofing job or buying a roofing batten for your house, it is always a good choice to get some professional consultancy.


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