Raising a roof is often considered to be a good renovation technique for your home. It creates additional space to your space making it less narrow, cramped, and tiny. 

You can add new or multi-functional features to that space. But a budget can be a great constraint in the prevailing situation. Hence, how much does it cost to raise a roof- this question can vary from person to person.  

However, there is a standard calculation that says raising a roof can cost you from almost $ 15,000 to $125,000 or above. But at least $15,000 is needed for buying materials, putting them together in your home.

Let’s go through this article to find more about the topic.   

How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Roof

Usually, the cost of roof installation, replacement, or repairing is almost $8000 in the USA. This cost may also vary depending on what type of material you are using or what kind of space you want. Additional electric wiring, thermal wiring, insulation may cause the cost to rise. 

Cost of raising only one roof

Ceiling raising may seem a bit costly at first glance, but when you look at the effort and work needed along with the cost of materials, you can rest assured that the price is worth the work.

Traditionally, raising a ceiling costs almost between $50- $70 per square foot. The standard is $60, but this can change according to an individual’s preference. An average estimation says it can cost from $15,000 up to $25,000 in a raised roof project. 

Check whether your roof is suitable for raising

Among all the methods available for framing roofs, truss and stick are the most common and popular ones. Depending on the roof framing technique, it can be decided how difficult it will be to raise the roof.

If it is stick-framed, a comparatively older method, then the whole structure needs to be replaced. If it is truss-framed, the triangular structure can be easily extended than the stick method.  

No matter what type of method you use, make sure to check whether the roof is suitable for raising the roof or not. And then prepare the roof properly for raising the roof.

The time needed for raising the roof

Time is a very significant factor in any kind of renovation or installation process. Raising a roof can be time-consuming.

Normally, four to six weeks is a standard for raising the ceiling of your roof with proper supervision and installation procedure. But this time can extend up to ten weeks if your roof’s square foot is large or your roofing area, the attic is not prepared for any kind of elevation. 

Make a cost estimation for raising a roof

Cost estimation is very important while you are thinking about raising your roof. If your roof-raising does not return the money you spent on it, or you do not feel the comfort, luxury, or worth, then all this labor and effort may seem meaningless.

Consulting with professionals such as structural engineers, architects can cost you about $1200 in the overall expense. Any renovations and repairs can cost almost from $6500 up to $7500 per square foot for roof-raising.

Overall the roof-raising project can charge you from $15000 to $125000 or more. If other renovations like adding multi-functional furniture, having a night view mirror on the ceiling, air conditioning, heating, insulation, water leaking control are needed in your attic or roofing area, then the cost can rise to $200000 or more. 

So, it is best before starting the process, make sure to consult a professional, do a market survey, list all your preferences ( if you want to do it as a homeowner). List all demandable features (if you want to have a  high rent on your home) and finally make a handcrafted calculation to be able to assure your budget.


Raising a roof can be expensive or can be affordable and cost-effective sometimes. But this surely depends on the choice of your material, labor cost, and your planning, scheduling, and cost estimation.
Hopefully, this article has helped you calculate how much does it cost to raise a roof. If you have any queries, make sure to consult, check if needed, double-check the budget, measurements, then calculate the cost.


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