Everyone wants a roof over their heads for living safely. But sometimes, it can be costly to maintain it.

A roof isn’t going to be perfect forever. After a certain time, you need to replace the old roof with a new one. But replacing a roof is not cheap at all.

But what if you can fix your roof within 24 hours to last for a much longer period? Yes, roof Maxx makes the shingles flexible again as well as new. It saves a lot of money and guarantees that the roof is going to last longer without any further maintenance cost.

But how much does Roof Maxx cost? Well, let’s jump in to know in detail.

How much does Roof Maxx cost: A deep insight

How much does Roof Maxx actually cost? It is hard to tell the exact amount of your cost as the numbers vary from town to town. The average national cost of roof replacement is more than $12,000. But the average cost of Roof Maxx is under $2,500. So, you can save up to 80% money using Roof Maxx.

Cost difference by states:

The cost for Roof Maxx depends on where you live in. Some of the states have a higher cost of roof replacements than others. The cost for Roof Maxx is also flexible for the same reasons. But you can get a quote anytime by filling out a simple form in the official website of Roof Maxx.

As an example, in Los Angeles, California the average cost of the roof is a little higher than $15,500. The typical range is $8,625 to $22,612. On the other hand in New York, the average cost is around $8,169 and the typical range is $5,637 to $11,078. 

In Houston, Texas the average is around $8,927. The typical range is $6,266 to $11,939. So, there is a huge difference in housing costs in different states. As the cost of the roof differs, the same can be told for the cost of Roof Maxx.

You can expect your cost to vary in different zip codes in spite of being the same size roof just as roof replacement. But nothing to worry about. Roof Maxx is saving you 80% of the cost wherever you live.

Cost factors of Roof Replacement:

To replace a roof, you have to keep a lot of things in your mind. How high and big your roof is, which types of shingles you are going to use, how much time do you have for replacement, how your financial situation is, etc.

It will cost more for a higher and sloppier house in spite of being the same size as laborers will charge more because of the risk of work. The cost difference can be huge as almost 60% cost of the replacement is due to labor cost and the other 40% will be the cost of materials.

Here are some reasons why Roof Maxx is better and cheaper:

  1. Materials: Roof Maxx’s ingredient is a kind of natural oil (soy methyl ester and other ingredients) which makes the shingles flexible as new. But to replace a roof, you’ll have to buy all the materials for a roof.
  2. Labor: Roof Maxx is a spray and can be done easily. It will be done by a professional roof expert provided by the dealer. For a roof replacement, you’ll need to pay a very higher amount for labor.
  3. Time: There is a saying that time is money. You have to invest a lot of time in order to replace your roof. Roof Maxx is way too easy and the spray can be done within hours. It will be effective within 24 hours.
  4. Lifespan Expectancy: How long the roof will last? It’s one of the most vital questions. As Roof Maxx is cheap and easy to install, you might think it won’t last long. But Roof Maxx gives you 5 years transferable warranty which will help your mind to be in peace. A roof that was initially supposed to last 30 years, can be additionally last 15 more years using Roof Maxx once in every 5 years.
  5. Quality: The roof will be as good as new after using Roof Maxx to an old roof. You don’t have to worry about cold, sunshine or rain. Your house will be safe.

A small disadvantage and solution:

For an old perfect roof, Roof Maxx may be the best solution. But if there are any shingles that must be replaced or if there is any kind of leakage in the roof, Roof Maxx can’t be applied. You have to repair those before using Roof Maxx.

But nothing to worry about. There won’t be any wasted service. You’ll get an inspection before applying the Roof Maxx. If your roof is not fit to be applied, the inspector will tell you the reasons. It will help you save a lot of time and money from being wasted.

After using Roof Maxx, if you want to sell the house, you can do it without any hesitation. The company will provide you with 5 years warranty certificate and as it is transferable, you won’t need to worry about it at all.

You should hire a professional roof inspector to help you with the decision of whether to replace or repair the roof or to use Roof Maxx. If your house is good to use Roof Maxx, it should not be a hard decision as you can save a lot of trouble and money if you use this service. And also remember that it is more eco-friendly than replacing the roof.

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How much does Roof Maxx cost? If you need to know the exact amount of money you need to pay you can visit roofmaxx.com and fill-up the form to get a free quote.

It’ll take your home address, email, and phone number and contact you with the exact numbers considering the size of your roof, which type of shingles is used, which zip code you are from, etc.

But keep in mind that the amount should not cross more than 20% of the total replacement cost of the roof. For example, if the average cost of a new roof or roof replacement is around $8,500, the Roof Maxx should cost less than $1,700.


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