With winter, the joy of Christmas, snow fight, and an all-around peaceful atmosphere come. But it also brings cold fever, hails, and an overall concern for your roof. And one of the main concerns a tenant has to face is, how much snow is too much snow on your roof?

The general idea is if there are more than 18 inches of snow on your roof, you should remove it. But depending on your roof, the limit for how much snow your roof can handle can be lower or higher.

Keep on reading the article to find out exactly how much snow is too much for your roof.

How Much Does Snow Weight?

4 feet of Fluffy snow, when dry, are about 7 pounds per square foot. They are much heavier if they are wet. The same amount can weigh up to 20 pounds per square foot.

A mix between old and new snow only takes about 2 to 3 feet to weigh in at 20 pounds per square foot.

If they are packed with ice, they can weigh from 40 to 58 pounds. At last, Ice weighs in at 60 pounds per square foot.

Below are some general things you should consider to find out exactly how much snow is too much for your roof.

Snow Is Too Much Snow On Your Roof

How Much Snow Is Too Much Snow On Your Roof?

In general, 20 pounds of snow per square foot is the limit for most roofs. This is considering your roof is not already pre-damaged.

Depending on your roof material, your roof may be able to withstand more snow. Asphalt roofs and slate roofs are especially durable.

You should calculate the weight of how much snow there is on your roof. We have already described what kind of snow will weigh how much.

Look around your roof carefully to make sure. You should take into consideration whether there is any packed snow in one area of the roof. As these should be calculated also.

What kind of snow your roof may encounter also depends on what region you live in. Lastly, creaking noise, leaking roofs, jammed windows, cracked walls, jammed doors, etc are signs of overweight snow on your roof.


The range of roofs in the USA is about 2,000 square feet. So given enough time, the snow can grow up to a dangerous measure.

Now that you have a general idea about how much snow is too much snow on your roof by reading our article. You will know just when it’s time to remove some snow from your roof.

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