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Have you had any idea about roof coatings? What do you think about the strongest roof coating that you will ever need for your roof? The answer to these questions should be none other than Gaco roof coating. 

You can apply gaco roof coating to a variety of surfaces to create a seamless, waterproof membrane that seals and protects against ponding water, UV rays, and temperature extremes. 

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Despite knowing its many advantages, you must know what type of material is used inside the coating and how to apply gaco roof coating to enjoy all its benefits.

Let’s explore more throughout this article.  

How to apply Gaco Roof Coating: Step by step process

How To Apply Gaco Roof Coating

Applying the coating to your roof is quite simple work. If you follow a couple of steps, you can achieve your desired goal.

Step 1: Inspection

Inspect the entire surface for open seams, tears, cuts, and repair any flaws so that water can not be blown in under the membrane during the cleaning process.

Step 2: Cleaning 

The main purpose of cleaning the roof is to make sure dirt, leaves, and other debris are off the roof. 

Pressure wash the roof with water and allow it to dry completely. To finish the cleaning process, use gaco wash concentrated cleaner. After that, dilute the solution at a ratio of 9:1 of clean water and gaco wash.

Let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes and agitate any heavily soiled areas with a broom or brush. Rinse until all the impurities come off. Before continuing, wipe a clean white rag over the roof to make sure it is completely clean and dry.

Step 3: Applying roof tape

The next step is to cover all joints, fasteners, and transition areas with liquid roof tape which is 100% silicone reinforced with microfibers. Mix thoroughly before applying and then brush over steams. 

Use a putty knife to force the product down into all penetrations for maximum coverage. Use gaco roof tape or 66’s reinforcing polyester mesh for areas that need extra strength and flexibility.

Step 4: Applying the coating

Now, after preparing the roof for the coating, the next step is to apply it. It will provide a seamless, weather-tight seal that protects your roof from degradation caused by UV rays and water leakage.

The coating can be applied to all kinds of rooms, but make sure to follow all safety precautions. Mix the coating to ensure uniform color and consistency. Do not think about this product. Apply the coating using a one-inch solvent-resistant roller cover.

To ensure complete coverage, it is best to use a different gaco roof color on the first coat to create a color contrast from the second coat. 

Step 5: Drying

Allow the first coat to dry for three to twelve hours. Then apply the second coat as soon as the first coat is ready to walk on. Drying time can be varied according to temperature and humidity. 

On smooth-surfaced roofs, two coats are required for full coverage. The number of coating layers will be increased if you are working on a textured roof.

Once you have coated your roof, do not walk on it for any purposes other than for periodic maintenance. 

Step 6: Applying Walk pad

The last step is to apply gaco western designed SF 2036 walk pad, a silicon-based solvent-free yellow sealant intended for the application of your gaco flex silicone coatings and a variety of other roofing substrates. 

Mix before application to ensure uniform color and do not dilute the product. Apply brush or roller for even distribution of the product. This coating will become an integral part of the roof and the bright yellow color will provide a highly visible and aesthetic walkway.

When using a walk pad to create a rooftop walkway for pedestrian maintenance, broadcast the walk pad granules over the wet coating at a rate of half a pound per 100 square feet. 

Do not mix the granules into your coating. The mixing of granules can improve traction, but the direct mixture of granules and coating can create a crack on the coating layer reducing its lifetime.

Now, you are done with your application of gaco roof coating on your roof!

How To Apply Gaco Roof Coating


  • You need to follow all the application instructions and take the necessary safety measures and precautions.
  • Don’t forget to take into consideration the weather conditions in your project. 
  • Use proper boots and gloves while applying the coating.
  • Make sure to brush or roll all the surfaces evenly and precisely. 
  • Start from one direction and make your way to the other end and do not trap yourself. 

Final Words

Gaco roof coating sticks to a lot of surfaces such as aged asphalt, aged EPDM, composite concrete, fiberglass, metal, modified bitumen, wood, etc. You need to decide your roof type and the coating measurements.

Hopefully, after reading this article you now know how to apply gaco roof coating to your roof.

So, don’t be afraid to do some experiment with this coating but make sure to follow all the steps carefully.


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