Happiness is found only by doing something with joy. If you do such a job with pleasure, you will get pleasure. For instance, you can clean the furniture, floor, and roof of the house by yourself.

Since today’s content is about cleaning the roof, let’s take a look at “how to clean a galvanized metal roof”.

Galvanized metal roof is different from an ordinary metal roof. So the cleaning process will also be different. If you read the process step by step below on the cleaning process of a galvanized metal roof,  you will get all the answers to your galvanized metal roof-related questions.

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Basic idea about galvanized metal roof 

So, the question is, what is a galvanized metal roof? Well, the galvanized metal roof is a roof that is coated with zinc on the surface of the roof to prevent rust, corrosion, and oxidation. 

Usually, all metal roofs are made with steel. The materials used to make steel include iron and 0.3% carbon (0.3% carbon is used to prevent steel rust). Only 100% iron is used in the surviving vintage sheets. 

Galvanized metal roofs are made of steel. And the thickness of steel is 0.45-0.75 mm.  

Galvanized metal roofs are light in weight and easy to transport. It has been used for decades. It is used in the construction of village and military buildings.

It has been used in developed countries like Australia since 1840. Is helping developed countries to build different installations.

How To Clean A Galvanized Metal Roof

Chemical Composition of Galvanized Metal 

When steel is taken out of hot molten zinc, it is coated with pure zinc. Galvanized metal roof is made with zinc-iron alloy.

The alloy coating of zinc-iron depends on the chemical composition of the steel which is to be galvanized. All steels can be galvanized, but using some silicon in particular, the reaction is faster and iron-zinc alloy is formed.

There are some elements like silicon, phosphorus which prolong the reaction between iron and zinc so that the surface of the steel is affected by hot dip galvanization. 

When ordering steel for fabrication that is galvanized steel, it should also be mentioned how it is galvanized at the same time. This little piece of information can help stockholders to choose the right type of galvanized steel.

How to clean a galvanized metal roof? 

You need to know how to clean your galvanized metal roof without any harm to the coating. Your galvanized metal roof cleaning is not as difficult as you think. Like any other cleaning job,it’s  a simple cleaning job. If you want to extend the life of your roof, you must learn to clean the roof.

There are many ways to clean a galvanized metal roof. One of the best ways to clean your galvanized metal roof is through organic matter like good soap and water. This is the most effective way.

Necessary tools for cleaning 

  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Cloth
  • Metal polish
  • Hose
  • Bleach
  • Gloves

Step by step guideline 

Step 01:

Use the hose to spray dirt, rust, derbies, etc. The first thing to do is to remove them as they cause the most damage to your roof.

Step 02:

Now take 3-4 gallons of water in a bucket, add 4 cups of bleaching powder in it, shake well and mix.

Step 03:

Now dip the soft-bristle brush in the bucket and clean all kinds of dirt and derbies on the roof. If the roof is flat, then clean from one side to the other and if it is not,  then clean from top to bottom.

Step 04:

Continue cleaning like this a few times. Rinse all the cleaners.

Step 05:

Rinse and dry the cloth and then apply some metal polish on the cloth. Once the roof is clean and dry, once the cloth is rubbed everywhere, the roof will become shiny.

If you work  according to the above step, your galvanized metal roof will be clean and shiny. You can use a comet  to remove some stubborn stains. The roof is dangerous, so if you think you can’t do it yourself, you can have it cleaned by a professional. your safety should be the priority.

What are the benefits of galvanized metal roof cleaning?

Extends the life of a metal roof

As regular cleaning of indoor and outdoor items extends its life, similarly cleaning metal roofs after a period of time will increase life expectancy. If you clean it after a certain time, the harmful particles on it can be removed.

Gets rid of the elements stuck on the roof

Some common elements that damage the roof such as airborne, dirt leaves, small sticks, water stains, pollution particles, acid rain, rust stains, mold mildew, etc. can be removed through cleaning. Some elements are stuck that do no harm, but the roof looks dirty, they will also be removed.

Maintains the beauty of the metal roof

You will never want your metal roof to look dirty, so if you clean it often, it will look beautiful. Cleaning once a year will help to keep various harmful elements and make the roof look dirty. So galvanized metal roof cleaning should be done after a certain period.

What kind of safety will be maintained?

Since safety has come to the fore, let’s find out what safety should be maintained when cleaning galvanized metal roofs.

1. Never go to the top of the roof alone. Leave someone below and then get to the top of the roof. Clean as much of the place as you can, or an accident may happen.

2. Never use damaging products. When using bleaching powder, then wear gloves. Similarly, when using metal polish, gloves  should be worn.

3. It is better to work during the winter. Since the metal roof can be heated by sunlight, it is better to work in the afternoon when the sun is low or in the morning.

4. There are special types of shoes available for your safety. Moreover, there are safety ladders. You should use them. If you use them, there should not be any problem. 

What are the requirements for galvanized metal roof design?

1. When designing the galvanized metal roof, the first thing to consider is the thickness of the roof sheets and the materials. For roofing, a metal sheet of 0.45-0.75 mm thickness should be used.

2. Special primer should be used for painting galvanized metal roofs. Before applying the coating on both sides of the thin sheets, it should be well painted twice by primer. Of course, the primer must be antirust. Then apply zinc on both sides of the metal sheet.

In this way, some requirements are applied, and then a galvanized metal roof is designed.


Cleaning a galvanized metal roof will increase their lifespan. Another good aspect of a clean metal roof is that it will look beautiful from the outside. So often you will clean your roof.

Now you know “how to clean a galvanized metal roof” and you have got another answer on how to maintain safety

Since the metal roof is made of metal, some care should be taken when climbing to the top. I don’t think you will need a professional roof cleaner to clean as the process is very easy. I hope all your questions are answered.

Best of luck.


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