Metals are very much susceptible to both internal and external damages such as rust, dirt, pollution, stains, foreign living being etc.

I guess you want to know how to clean your metal roof from the ground. Well, take a breath. This article may help you by giving necessary instructions for this process.

Let’s jump in to explore more.

What to look out for 

The roof is the topmost level of a house, cleaning it can be a very risky thing to do. If you reach a portion of the roof from the ground, then you can try to clean it with a ranch, otherwise use a ladder, scale, rake or a staircase to climb up the roof.

Sometimes people think that a metal roof can easily be cleaned using a simple hose or power washer. But power washers can cause serious damage to corroded areas causing denting to the metal. So, climbing up with proper safety measures is the best thing to do.

With a first-hand inspection, you can find the spots that will need extra special treatment for damage reduction as well as knowing the overall situation of your metal roof.

Clean A Metal Roof From The Ground

How To Clean a Metal Roof From The Ground: Step by Step

Cleaning a metal roof is all about safety. Along with precautionary steps, a metal roof cleaning is a multi-step process. Now, let’s skim through this process step by step.


Cleaning a metal roof requires some preliminary mentions such as dry weather, clear skies, safety and security measures, etc. 

If the roof is high enough for you to climb up, then you should do so. But make sure to wait for a sunny and bright day for the cleaning. Otherwise, a wet roof can cause an unwanted Hazzard. 


Sterilization is a must for metal roofs. Rather use the pressure of the water source to make the roof clean avoiding using unnecessary chemical cleaners. First, clean your path to the roof as dirt, rust of metals can be slippery.

Removing Foreign Materials

Sometimes fungus stains, dirt, sap or other stains, algae, mold etc can grow on metal roofs. Metals are prone to rust and other chemical reactions that tend to reduce the lifetime of such roofs. If they exist on your roof, you need to deal with them first.

Algae, Mold, or Fungus Stains 

All algae, mold, or fungus are living beings that can survive a certain PH level. By changing the PH level, whether to increase or decrease may yield to destroying these.

Heavy fungus stains or algae growth on your roof can be easily cleaned with PH balancing soap, bleach, vinegar, ammonia etc that neutralizes the situation. 

Now, scrubbing a couple of times may be needed in case of a higher growth rate of these beings. Light-colored metal roofs are worse in this case as much effort will be needed to clean them.

Dirt, Rust and Other Stains

Even mud on roads and highways can be settled on a metal roof. Again, different chemical reactions on the surface of a metal roof can make it rustic.

Chemical reactions can be stopped or slowed down using respective chemical substances. The solution of half cup of tri-sodium phosphate with one gallon of water and 1% of ammonia can be used to clean these types of stains. It is said to work like magic!

Cleaning Tough Spots

There will always remain some tough spots that are difficult to handle. You can use the detergent or cleaner solution to such spots. Sometimes chemical cleaners work best in this case.

Again using a sponge or rough clothing to rub or scrub these areas never fails to amuse. Repeat the whole process of cleaning with detergent if necessary.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks always make life comfortable and smooth. Metal roof cleaning is indeed a laborious job, but a few tricks can make it more easier and enjoyable.

While cleaning a metal roof, it is suggested to never use a damaged product. This job requires many chemical interactions, so using a damaged or expired product can be really dangerous. Always try to find a partner, if you are climbing up or your roof is not in a good condition.

If you have any kind of confusion or doubts, it is better to get professional help.


Cleaning sometimes feels strenuous. But it’s okay, if you don’t have any idea of how to clean your metal roof from the ground. That’s because the above-mentioned guideline will surely let you do it smoothly. 

With proper instructions and guidelines, it can become enjoyable to do. So, don’t be puzzled and bewildered. Give these instructions a try, I hope you will have a fun time cleaning your roof.


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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