Usually, there are various prospects of a chimney pipe on a metal roof. And these aspects play a pivotal role while executing.

Your home condition may be in danger if any one part of your chimney breaks down or is completely damaged. Among these, flashing a chimney pipe on a metal roof is no exception.

Chimney flashing is an essential part of your chimney’s functionality on a metal roof. Yet, people discuss other chimney services but flashing remains unnoticed. Chimney flashing supplies a part of protection for your metal roof.

You might wonder how to flash a chimney pipe on a metal roof. Now, we will walk you through the easy process so that you can make sure that your chimney is working properly.

How To Flash A Chimney Pipe On A Metal Roof? [Step-By-Step]

How To Flash A Chimney Pipe On A Metal Roof

Before digging deep into the flashing process, let us brief a bit about chimney flashing for your better understanding.

What is Chimney Flashing?

In simple words, at the place where your roof joins your chimney, you’ll find the flashing. Chimney flashing builds a waterproof seal to prevent your chimney and roof from water damage and penetration.

Major Parts of Chimney Flashing:

Usually, there are three major parts of chimney flashing which are mentioned below:

1. Step flashing: It is an L-shaped metal strip. It runs beneath the shingles and along with the bricks of your masonry chimney.

2. Counter or cap flashing: It is an L-shaped metal piece. It covers the step flashing and is installed in a groove carved into the chimney brickwork.

3. Base flashing: It protects against water penetration at the intersection of a vertical and the roofing surface.

When do you need to flash a chimney pipe on a metal roof?

If you spot leaks on your ceiling which has stains of water, then obviously you can want to update the flashing in your chimney pipe. And then, it is required for reinstalling the flashing earlier than re-shingling your roof.

Step by Step Guide on How to Flash a Chimney Pipe:

A few effective steps are mentioned below as a guide for you so that you can  flash the chimney pipe on a metal roof:

1. Taking Off the Damaged Flashing:

At first, you just need to scrape the damaged flashing away. Then, cement it by using both a hammer as well a chisel.

2. Cutting of Base Flashing:

–  Initially, you need to buy the tin snips. The tin snips will let you cut the bent of the base flashing easily. Cut the flashing so that it fits across the front of the chimney.

–  Then, you need to bend the flashing’s one border on all sides of one chimney.

3. Securing Base Flashing:

  • You need to suit the flashing in opposition to the chimney’s frontal side. Here, you need to notice that the roof must overrun the shingles roofing. The side of the bent must fit around the chimney’s one nook.

–  You need tin snips for clipping the flashing on the point so that the chimney’s other edge lies in opposition to the flashing.

-Afterwards, you need to crook the crippled flashing across the chimney.

– Finally, you have to hammer four galvanized nails inside of the flashing portion. Here, you have to make sure the space of the nails is equal.

4. Attaching the step flashing:

-You need to fit around 20 cm part of the round-shaped step flashing above the chimney’s front nook.

-Then you have to place the flashing on one side.

-You have to place caulk’s tiny drop wherein the roof meets with a chimney on the nook of the chimney.

– Then you need to set step flashing above the caulk as well as the chimney pipe.

– Here, you have to hammer two nails of roofing onto the flashing and the roof.

– Then you need to set a 2nd part of flashing of around 20 cm in opposition to the chimney.

– In this way, you can secure a shingle over the 2nd piece of flashing.

– Repeatedly, you have to go through one every side of the chimney pipe all along like this.

5. Securing the Saddle:

– Firstly, you need to install the saddle behind the chimney.

– Then you have to utilize one hammer as well nails’ roofing for attaching the roof’s saddle.

– Afterwards, you have to insert the roofing nails into the saddle and roofs every 15 centimeters.

– Here you need to set shingles above the saddles’ plain area.

– Lastly, you have to pin shingles as well as a saddle on the roof.

6. Installing Cap Flashing:

–  At first, you need to use a square saw to the joints of mortar.

– The cap flashing’s height and saw will be the same with greater than 2 cm depth.

– Then you need to fit and bend the front cap flashing across the chimney’s foreside.

–  Flashing flange’s insertion, you have to secure the cap flashing.

– Then you need to a hole by drilling on every facet of the chimney’s front.

– By ensuring the cap flashing’s overruns the earlier one, you have to repeat this procedure.

– Finally, you have to set caulking with the joints of mortar so that it seals the flashing.

If you follow these steps, you can easily flash a chimney pipe on a metal roof.

Final thoughts:

How to flash a chimney pipe on a metal roof? We hope the question has been answered as you expected. Following the above-mentioned effective guidelines will surely let you flash a chimney smoothly.

Sometimes flashing a chimney pipe on a metal pipe requires lots of skills and expertise. But I hope with proper instructions and guidelines, it can become relishable to do.

So, do not be bewildered. Just give these instructions a try, I hope you will have a fun time while flashing chimney pipes on your metal roof.


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