It is not possible for you to do all the work related to your roof. Whether it is the installation of your roof or your need for repairing, you are better off with a roofing contractor. Hence, you might wonder about how to hire a roofing contractor.

You should hire a roofing contractor on the basis of previous experience as well as work efficiency and cost management.

Hiring a good roofing contractor will surely help in the proper care of your roof. On the other hand, hiring roofing contractors who are not up to the mark will increase your expenses in the long run.

How To Hire A Roofing Contractor 

Hiring a roofing contractor without knowing the proper procedure and techniques may cause you to face a huge number of problems. That’s why it is imperative to know about the process of hiring a roofing contractor.

Let us guide you through the whole process elaborately so that you have a better understanding of hiring a contractor.

Things To Consider

1. Types of Contractors

There are two types of roofing contractors. Both have their own benefits and lackings. Depending on your need, you can choose either one.

i) Independent Roofing Contractors

You can hire them at a cheap price. They complete their work alone or with the help of subcontractors. They come in handy for jobs like small and quick repairs to your roof. 

However, they might take a large amount of time to complete a big project considering their small manpower. Moreover, they may specialize in a just particular type of work. Hence, they might not be able to do a variety of roofing work.

ii) Roofing Companies

Hiring a roofing company tends to be quite expensive. But, for large-scale projects like roof installation, roofing companies are arguably the best choice. 

Roofing companies divide the workload based on the specialization of roofers under their contracts. Also, roofing companies generally can complete the job within the deadline.

However, there are a number of problems in hiring a roofing company. All of the dispatched roofers may not be as experienced as you might expect. 

Again, you may find the expenses of hiring a roofing company a bit too expensive for you.

2. Doing Some Research

You should ask your neighbors and people around you about local roofing contractors. Some of the people around you are bound to have some work done previously.

Use your connections with them and gather the contact information of the roofing contractors. You should carry out preliminary research on the roofing contractors.

However, you should not choose a roofing contractor based on someone’s referral only. Choose a roofing contractor after meeting and discussing everything related to the job with the roofing contractor in person.

3. Selecting Suitable Roofing Contractors

The selection of roofing contractors is the trickiest part of all the steps. You need to know how to systematically approach the roofers and select them. 

i) Checking the license

When you meet the roofing contractors, you should ask for their license. Without a license, you cannot verify the roofing contractor.

Not verifying the roofing contractor may cause some problems later. So, to avoid such risks, you are better off checking the license.

ii) Explaining The Details

You need to explain the details of your job as clearly as possible. If you cannot do that, numerous problems may arise down the line. So, it is better to explain to the roofing contractors what your job entails.

ii) Experience

You may choose to go with either an individual roofing contractor or a roofing company. But, before hiring them, you need to get the information regarding their experience.

An experienced professional will know how to handle unforeseen circumstances better than a new roofing contractor. 

However, you need to look for experiences related to your job. One roofing contractor may have a lot of experience on other types of roofing contracts. But, he may not have any experience regarding the type of work you specified. So, you should choose wisely.

iii) Hearing The Proposals of Roofing Contractors

After you have explained the job, the contractors will give you some proposals. These proposals will be regarding the materials you will need, the estimated time for completion of the job along with the amount of money needed for this job. Moreover, they will tell you about the details of a contract for this job. 

You may disagree with the contractors in some cases. So, hearing them out before making a decision is important.

iv) Asking Questions

You should not be shy about asking the contractors questions relevant to the job. Asking the right questions is very important for you. If you do not ask the important questions, you may face some problems later on. The roofing contractor has to give you a detailed answer for each of the questions you’ll ask.

Here Are Some Questions You Should Ask Your Roofing Contractor: 

a) What kind of insurance do they provide?

Explanation: Roofing contractors typically provide insurance for their work. However, the criteria for insurance vary from contractor to contractor.

b) What are the reasons for the nullification of insurance?

Explanation: Even if there is insurance, companies can revoke your claim for various reasons. So, get a clear idea about the reasons for which your insurance will be nullified.

c) Do they offer free consultations?

Explanation: Many roofing contractors offer free consultation whereas many do not. You can save some money if the contractor gives free consultation.

d) Do they offer free site inspections?

Explanation: Many roofing contractors inspect the site for free whereas many contractors charge money. You need to ascertain it before agreeing to a contract.

e) Is their work covered by the warranty from manufacturers?

Explanation: If the work of contractors is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you can save money. The warranty generally covers many unforeseen costs.

f) Can they give a written estimated cost?

Explanation: Upon site inspection, the contractors should be able to provide you with an estimated cost for the work. However, a few contractors do not agree to provide a written estimated cost after site inspection. That’s why asking the roofing contractors beforehand is a great idea.

g) How do they ensure the completion of the project within the deadline?

Explanation: There may be several unforeseen circumstances and problems the contractors have to face. It is better to ask them about their contingency plan. It will be easy for you to decide whether they can finish the work within the deadline or not.

h) How do they take their payment?

Explanation: Many contractors prefer to take their payment after completing the project whereas others prefer to take their payment in parts. Moreover, some prefer payment in cash and some prefer payment through cards. That’s why you should ask the contractors about their preferred method.

i) Do they remove old roofing materials? Do they charge for disposing of materials? 

Explanation: Your job may require the disposal of roofing materials. The roofing contractor may or may not charge additional money for the disposal of old materials. Asking them this question will help you in estimating the cost.

j) Can they provide you with some samples or references to check?

Explanation: If the roofing contractors provide you with some references or samples, you can see their previous work. That will help you get some ideas about their work. 

With the help of this, you can compare the samples with the samples of other roofing contractors later on. 

k) Comparing the Demands

After you have met with all the potential contractors, compare the demands put forward by the contractors. Then, select a contractor who ticks all the requirements. 

While selecting the roofing contractor, you should keep a few things in mind.

A good contract will not cost too much or too little. Again, a good contractor will show professional behavior. 

Moreover, you will get what you’ll pay for. You should not be tempted by the cheapest option available. This may end up increasing your expenses in the long run. So, going for the cheapest option is not necessarily the wisest choice. That’s why you should think about the most efficient option for you and choose accordingly.

L) Getting a written contract

After you have selected a roofing contractor, both you and the contractor should verbally agree to the terms and conditions of the job.

After the verbal agreement, sign a written contract with all the details regarding the job. A written contract will ensure transparency between both you and the roofing contractor.

Moreover, a written contract is like a safety net that will protect the rights of both parties in case of any mishaps.


We have described the process of hiring a roofing contractor in detail. Now, you should have a proper understanding of how to hire a roofing instructor.

However, keep in mind that hiring a roofing instructor is a matter you should personally do. Never hire a contractor based on what you have heard from others. 

Additionally, you should never give the job to a contractor without any written agreement. You can hold the contractors accountable in case they violate any clause within the contract. 

We hope that you can easily hire a roofing contractor when you need one with the help of this article.


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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