Basically, cedar shake roofing is one of the premium roof systems that use natural materials of wood known as cedar.

In recent times, it has become widely popular among roofers because of its smooth functionality, sustainability, and aesthetically satisfying design. On top of that, it is environmental-friendly which makes this roof stands out from other roof types.

After getting a glimpse of cedar shake roofing, you may take a worthy decision to install cedar shake roofing because of its tremendously amazing benefits. But you may wonder how to install cedar shake roofing?

Well, here we are for you to provide a step-by-step effective guideline so that you can simply install your desired roofing without any trouble.

How To Install Cedar Shake Roofing: Step By Step Process

The installation process of cedar shake roofing is quite easy to follow, yet we have written all the steps sequentially for your convenience. But at first, you need a few necessary tools.

Required Tools

  1. Non-permeable underlay
  2. Eaves ventilation
  3. Roofing tape
  4. Timber boards
  5. Nails
  6. Handsaw

After purchasing all the required tools, you have to follow these below-mentioned steps during the installation process.

Step 1:  At first, you need to put the shakes together, but here make sure one thing that the water does not stay there. Otherwise, it will be harmful to the wood because water may runway through the gap between the two shakes.

That is why it is really important to overlap the shakes. In order to prevent you from damaging your roof, it is really a vital step to follow.

Step 2: Afterwards, it is required to ensure that you put the felt paper correctly such as one over another. Otherwise, the felt paper will be exposed to the weather and will be harmed your roof. In terms of placing the felt paper, you should be careful to place it with perfect measurement.

Step 3:  In this stage, you have to put all the self apron once and then staple them on the top of the shakes so that you can pull out this. While fixing all the shingles, you should make sure that all the fixings are on the same line.

In this step, you may choose nails or staples, but the fixing of shingles is more important here.

Step 4: Here, it is necessary for you to put the shake underneath so that the roof is set up properly one, top of another. And this will certainly make your roof long-lasting and give you a beautiful roof system for so many years.

But if you do not put the shake with proper guidance, then your roof may not be enduing in the long-term. So, putting the shakes properly is the key step in this particular process.

Step 5: Usually, we use copper with cedar copper. But rainwater hits it leeches out the shakes and provides an antifungal bearing. That is why you should use big denounced copper over any other metal. You can use a handsaw for installing the copper.

Step 6: In this crucial stage, you must install a ridge vent system that is hidden under the ridge cap. In simple words, you need to install double-cut valley systems which means you do not have the shakes hiding the valley metal and touching each other. 

Step 7: Finally, you should use W valley and you will see eight inches of that from left to right. Here, you will have to use copper fasteners to install all of the copper so that it can prevent your roof from corrosion. As a copper fastener, you may use a hot galvanized fastener, although a stainless steel fastener is considered the best one. 

Now, you are done with the installation process of cedar shake roofing. Yet, let me help you out to have a better understanding of this amazing roofing system.

Cost Of Installing Cedar Shake Roofing:

While installing the cedar shake roofing, you may consider the cost of both installation and maintenance in the future. Sometimes, it may cost around 500-600 dollars per square foot if you install a new cedar roof.

But it is worth installing because it may last for around 50 years on average if you maintain this roofing system properly. 

Benefits Of Using Cedar Shake Roofing:

There are numerous benefits of using cedar shake roofing. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Sustainability: As all the woods are prepared in the sawmills by maintaining proper procedure, it has minimal impact on the environment. And for this particular reason, this cedar shake roofing system is extremely sustainable. As people want more green products these days, this cedar shake is the perfect one.
  2. Durability: Cedar material naturally consists of oil which makes it more resistant to any harm from both the weather and insects as well. For this specialty of cedar, the average lifespan of a cedar roof is around 50 years. It is extremely enduring compared to all other roofing systems.
  3. Natural insulation: Cedar is naturally made of all-natural insulating properties. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for all the seasons throughout the whole year. For example, in summer, it will keep your home cool, and in the winter season, it will keep your home warm.
  4. Aesthetics: Along with structural benefits, a cedar roof will make your home more stunning in terms of view. Because it is a mixing of both red-brown and silvery-grey color which makes your roof astoundingly breathtaking.

In terms of environmental and structural functions, undoubtedly, cedar shake provides a vast amount of benefits that set it apart from all other systems of roofing in this contemporary world.


In terms of appealing rusting look, endurance, and availability of cedar shake roof, it has become a top preference for homeowners nowadays. 

However, if you want to make your roof long-lasting, then you should inspect your roof, especially after any extreme weather events such as heavy snowstorms.

After reading this article, I am optimistic that now you know how to install cedar shake roofing. 

So, don’t be afraid to install cedar shake roofing at your home by following all the above-mentioned steps carefully. 


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