Luckily, mobile housebuilders have improved significantly since the implementation of HUD regulatory restrictions. Also, there have been excellent advancements in manufactured home insulation throughout the previous 40 years. So, the most necessary thing that you should know is how to insulate a double wide mobile home roof.

There are a few basic ways to enhance the roof. And the process is not so complex. It is possible to do so by installing conventional fiberglass batts or flexible foam insulation sheets over your roof structure. 

How To Insulate A Double Wide Mobile Home Roof

If you intend to do it yourself, read the article to know the details.

Why You Should Insulate Your Double Wide Mobile Home Roof

You know a mobile house is a factory-built building that is moved to a location on a permanently connected chassis. They are generally left continuously or semi-permanently in one place when used as permanent houses or for vacation and temporary housing. 

If you insulate the mobile home roof, that will be a great advantage for you.

Let’s check out the advantages:

Reduce Your Utility Costs

Installing insulation in a mobile home may save homeowners 15% of the cost of the heating and cooling process. The expense rises in older homes since they are often inadequately insulated, to start with.

Increase Comfort

It’s not only just saving money when it comes to installing newly manufactured home insulation. There’s something to be claimed about greater comfort. A stronger home is simpler to keep warm during the winter and cool in the summer.

What Is The Standard For Mobile Home Roof Insulation

Whenever it comes to mobile home insulation regulations, the most necessary item to understand is the R-value. The R-values of various insulating materials will vary. To pick the optimal insulation, evaluate the simplicity or complexity of installation, the prices, and the R-Value you receive for your expenditure and work.

The R-value of a substance measures its strength to withstand heat flow. The greater the R-value, the better it will insulate your home.

R= (Temperature Difference Area Time) Heat Lose

There are three variables, that decide the R value:

  • Insulation type
  • Insulation density
  • Insulation thickness

How To Insulate A Double Wide Mobile Home Roof

You need to do the insulation in a step-by-step process. You’ll find the steps here in this article;

Step 1

Considering the state of the property and other criteria such as types and brands, the roofing, ceiling, sidewalls, flooring, and external surfaces all may need insulation. Certain hardware components, like doors and windows, may also need insulation.

The most crucial step in determining how to insulate a prefabricated house is to examine your home and decide which areas require insulation and which don’t.

Step 2

When it comes to prefabricated house insulation by material, there are many alternatives you can use. Each of them differs in terms of material characteristics, dependability, durability, pricing, and simplicity. Here are some things to keep in mind concerning these alternatives.

Cellulose Insulation: Cellulose insulation is prevalent in mobile homes, particularly in dry locations. It is an excellent water accumulator. This one is also a relatively simple alternative to install, especially if a blowing machine is used.

However, among the most noticeable disadvantages of cellulose insulation is that it puts an ugly strain on roofing and sidings than other options.

Fiberglass Insulation: Because it is rust and humidity-resistant, fiberglass insulation is often regarded as the best option to choose when trying to increase the efficiency of a mobile home. It may be used to insulate the prefabricated house’s sidewalls and other portions of the house, such as the floor, basement sidewalls, and other areas.

Plastic Beads Insulation: Plastic beads are another popular alternative for manufactured house insulation, and they are frequently placed with a blowing machine. Plastic beads are preferable to other choices such as cellulose because they put less strain on the floor. Their lack is that they have a lower R-Value.

You can choose any insulation you want. There are also some other types like rigid foam insulation.

Step 3

Overlay your current roof with either conventional fiberglass batts or rigid foam insulation board or any other type of insulation you like.

Step 4

Cover the insulation with the sturdy and resilient elastic EPDM rubber-like white sheet. Stretch the sheet tightly well over insulation and secure it to the roof’s sides using an aluminum trim piece and screws.

If you want, you can coat your insulation.


I hope you’ve liked the article on how to insulate a double wide mobile home roof. So, are you ready to insulate your double wide mobile home roof?

Get into your work. Don’t forget to take safety gear. All the best.


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