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Birds are one of the most beautiful species in nature. It’s really pleasant to watch the flocks of birds flying. But some breeds of the birds can cause serious damage to the roof of your home or workplace.

I guess you are having some issues with birds on the roof. That’s why you are a bit concerned about how to keep birds off roof?

Nothing to worry at all. In this article we are going to share a few efficient ideas on getting rid of birds from the roof.

How To Keep Birds Off Roof:

To keep birds off the roof you have, you need to remove them from the roof first, then you have to prevent them from returning.

Keep Birds Off Roof

Remove birds from the roof:

There are lots of ways to remove birds from the roof. Here are some of the most common and effective ones.

Use decoy birds:

This is the most used method to get rid of the birds from the roof. For this, you need to set fake predators on your roof. This will scare most of the small fowls and keep them away from the roof. You can use statues of owls, ravens or falcons.

Use decoy birds
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Use ultrasonic frequency:

You can apply ultrasonic frequencies using ultrasonic repellents. These devices generate sounds of high frequencies that disturbs the birds near to the devices. Birds near the devices will get annoyed and get away from the roof. The sound will not affect humans and other species like cats, dogs. 

Use ultrasonic frequency
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Spray water:

This is the easiest of the methods that are used to remove the birds from the roof. You only need a hose pipe. Get on the roof with the pipe and spray water towards the birds. Though it is not a permanent solution to the problem, it will scare the birds to get off the roof. 

Spray water
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Prevent the birds from returning:

Your job is not over by just removing the birds from the room. Preventing birds from coming is as important as removing the birds from the roof. These are the steps you have to follow to prevent the birds from coming back.

Use bird spikes:

The spikes are made from steel or plastic. You will find these at house improvement stores. You need to install the spikes on the ledges of the roof.

These are not harmful to the birds. Rather the spikes will only resist them from landing on the roof.

Use bird spikes
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Place bird spider 360 on roof:

These are also used in order to prevent the birds from landing on the roof. There are a few thin and lightweight steel arms that are connected to the center part of this device. It spins with the wind and the arms bounce up and down. The birds get scared by the rotation of the arms and move away from there.

Place bird spider 360 on roof
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Cover the roof with nets:

If you have to get rid of a lot of birds, then netting is a good option for you. Setting up a few deterrents won’t work for a flock of birds. You need to go to a pest control shop nearby and buy a roll of net as long as you need.

The net must be specially designed for perch prevention of birds. If your roof is so large that you cannot afford to buy nets for the whole of it, then cover the important areas of it.

Cover the roof with nets
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Use bird repellent gel:

You will find the gel in any home improvement or pest control shop. You have to apply the gel on the ledges. The stickiness of the gel will make it uncomfortable for the birds to stay. Consequently they will move away from the roof.

Use bird repellent gel
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Apply bird repellent spray:

This is a non-toxic spray to keep the birds away. Just go to the pest control shop of your area to buy the spray. Check the label before applying it for correct measures.

Apply bird repellent spray
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Set traps:

If the birds are returning after applying all the steps stated above, then you have to set up traps to catch the birds. Be careful while setting up the traps on the roof. You have to ensure that the birds are not getting hurt. You must free those birds to the forest afterwards.

bird traps
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I guess now you are feeling a bit relieved by knowing how to keep birds off roof. I hope the ideas we have shared above will help you to get rid of the feathered friends.


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