Now in the age of modern technology, technology is improving day by day. In this context, the design of different installations, which used to be done by hand, is now done through different types of software.

For example, Revit has been used in making model designs of a house. Revit is one of the top most used software that can be used to create a complete model of the building. 

Now almost all the installation is made with a 3D or 2D model, then the construction  work is done according to that model.

Here the question is “how to make a flat roof in revit”. To know the answer to the question, read the full content carefully.

How to make a flat roof in revit

Revit is a type of  software that creates an artificial environment for all architecture, construction, engineering work. All project members can easily complete the project together through collaboration.

Revit allows engineers or architects 3rd-dimensional design through  computers. It usually  takes a very small amount of time. 

Revit tools are a bit unclear for making a flat roof structure, but a completely flat roof is very rare and making a flat roof in Revit software allows the architect to avoid every issue related to  modeled hips.

Step by step guideline 

You just need a computer to do your job and your patience.

Step 01:

Open the Revit software from the computer. Then tab the project browser  and click on ‘floor plan’.Design the building plan, floor plan, lower area through floor plan. 

Although the floor plan is not important for our work, finishing the lower part will be an advantage in the upper roof design. But the floor plan will help to give you the shape of a flat roof.

Step 02:

After finishing  the task, the roof has to be made at a certain height. 

From the project browser option, click on the ‘level’ option  in the Datum menu to level a height where you will draw your flat roof.

Step 03:

Now you have to go to a new level for the roof. Click on the project browser, go to the floor plan, click on the ‘Roof’ option  in the home ribbon of the build menu.

Then sketch the footprint of the roof. Make an outline with a magenta line and rise slope 9 inches and draw run 12 inch.

Step 04:

Since you have to make a flat roof, for a low slope roof you can convert a 9-inch rise to 1/4 inch and keep the remaining 12-inch run right and reduce the roof rise to flat.

Now change the dimension of the slope by clicking on the roof outline. For a flat roof construct, you must toggle the slope defining line.

Step 05:

Select the outline  of the roof  and click on the done option. 

The 2nd option in this list is toggled slope defining. Close down   the roof slope extrusion line and select ‘Toggled slope defining’ for all the outlines of  your roof.

Step 06:

Select the  ‘Finish roof’ option to create the roof footprint from within the ribbon. 

Now you can get a flat roof sketch. You can double-check in the three dimensional  browser. Besides  You can  use toggled slope defining options for different types of roof shapes.


Revit software provides many advantages to engineers and architects. Revit works in collaboration with BMI. However, the advantages of revit are discussed below.

Parametric component 

The material you create in Revit software has parametric properties. This means that you can change the 3D model that you want to create as you wish by converting that model to 2D. 

In Revit software, each database is saved separately. Show the model where it will change, you can even see the previous model if you want.

No Repetition 

No repetition database produces several benefits. If you design through revit software, there will be no repeat. 

If you want to change something, other software has to change from scratch for minor changes which is a matter of time. Revit software does not have this problem, you can change everything at once.

Landscape design 

Realistic 3D models can be made in Revit Software. You can also do many small designs if you want. 

Many times, the client prefers to add small things to the 3D model of your building. With this, you can design a landscape that will attract many clients

Design sustainable building 

At present, everyone wants his building to be sustainable. Everyone aware of the environment will now want a sustainable building design for their client or themselves. 

With this software, you will be able to design very good-quality sustainable buildings.


As you know Revit software has many advantages but it is not perfect. Before working, it is good to know what are the disadvantages of Revit software. Discussed below.

Focuses more on the structural design.

Revit bim software focuses more on structural design than other software and has many functions to make the design beautiful. 

Revit software does not have such a function  which is the disadvantage of this software.

Difficult perspective editing 

Though it is very helpful for engineers and architects, it is not helpful for interior designers. 

Using revit bim software, the interior designer becomes frustrated. Because revit software is not the easiest software for interior building design from a different perspective.

Popularity level

When Revit was invented, its popularity was increasing at the same rate, now its ratio is decreasing.

As the popularity of Auto CAD is increasing, the popularity of Revit is not increasing at that rate. Apart from revit, there are a lot of useful software building designs. So Revit software is not perfect for building design.


Revit software is usually used for building design. This auto CAD software does a lot of other work including building design which makes it very popular. 

I am sure you have got a clear answer and correct guideline to your question “how to make a flat roof in revit”.

The use of Revit software in the industrial area is not so much but it is increasing day by day. Usually, it takes 1/4 part of the time to model a building with the help of Revit software .

Hopefully, all the questions and problems  have been solved in this content.

Best of luck.


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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