Do you experience heavy snowfall in your area? You may know that snow can cause damages to the properties. But no more worries anymore, here you will find your solution.

To slide off the snow from the metal roof, you have to ensure that your roof is sloped enough to slide off the snow itself. Snow guards, adequate ventilation, and insulation can all assist you to prevent snow accumulation. You can also use other tools like heat cables, hot water, rake, and other chemicals to do this task.

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How To Make Snow Slide Off Metal Roofs?

When the sun hits metal roofs, they immediately heat up, melting the snow and causing it to slide off the roof. If you have heavy snow stuck on your roof and it does not slide off on its own, you must remove it. otherwise, the roof’s strength will be jeopardized.

There are several methods for removing snow from a metal roof. Take a peek at them.

Ensure proper insulation and ventilation

Heat can pass through the ventilator and insulator, causing the ice on the metal roof to melt if your house is adequately insulated and ventilated. You’re probably aware that metal absorbs heat quickly.

When it is cool outside and warm inside, the internal temperature cannot exit via the metal roof. As a result, ventilation and insulation are essential to allow heat to escape from the interior of the house and aid in the melting of the ice.

If you have an attic, make sure it’s well-ventilated and insulated to keep snow from sticking. If there are any cracks or leaks in the attic, you can either fix them yourself or contact a professional.

Install snow guards

Snow guards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including triangles, rods, and other designs. These shields keep snow from accumulating along the metal roof’s edge.

It is not difficult to install a snow guard. You are capable of completing the task on your own. To secure the guards in place, all you need is a screwdriver and screws. Also, make sure the guards are spaced one foot apart.

Snow Slide Off Metal Roof

Use a suitable rake

There are various rakes on the market that can help you remove snow from your metal roof. Purchase any of them based on your preferences.

To clear the snow, place the rake onto the roof and pull downward. A metal rake should not be used since it can damage the roof.

To avoid injury, stand as far away from the edge of your metal roof as possible.

Place electrical heat cables on the roof

Heat cables can be used to slide ice off your metal roof when it accumulates. These cables are specifically suited for roof installation.

They’re called deicing cables, and they’re usually positioned on the roof’s edge, where snow accumulates the most.

This cable includes clamps that can be used to secure the cable to the metal roof. Set the cable in a ‘w’ shape at the metal roof’s edge. Then turn on the switch to heat the cable, which will melt the ice and allow it to slide down the roof.

Utilize hot water or chemicals

This is the most simple technique for removing ice from a metal roof. All you’ll need is a bucket of hot water. Then, using a ladder, ascend to the roof and pour the hot water until the ice melts entirely.

However, I do not recommend using this method because hot water can burn you. Instead, use a chemical salt like calcium chloride. To melt and slide off the snow, simply spread an even layer of this salt on the surface of the ice.

Also, you have to consider the slope of your metal roof. The roof must be slanted enough to slide off the ice easily.


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It’s necessary to clear snow from the metal roof if you want to live comfortably or safeguard your home. We’ve already examined several strategies for attempting to slide off the ice from a metal roof. You can select any of them based on your preferences.

While working, take care to keep yourself safe.


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